farewell speech to outgoing pastor

Here is the farewell speech to outgoing pastor that you can give during the farewell occasion in church

Are you looking for a speech to give during the farewell occasion to your outoing pastor in church.

The church management present, our outgoing pastor and incoming pastor, fellow brethren in Christ, I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus.

How are you all.

On behalf of the youth department in our church whom am representing to give this farewel speech to our outgoing pastor.

When my fellow youths asked me to prepare and come and give this speech,I was hesitant simply because, my pastor is a person have come to know in depth, we have grown together and have come to connect so much, not only as my pastor but as a personal friend.

Since pastor joined our church, he really inspires me and has made me to love the work of God.

It was sad for me when he disclosed that he is leaving to another station on transfer basis according to the organization policy,if it were possible for me, I would have suggested pastor to be permanent here but it is not possible now.

Therefore pastor on behalf of the youths in this church, we appreciate for the work you did to us as youths, you touched each and every one of us, you encouraged us and even inspired us.

The youths says as you leave to another station, don't forget them and always remember them wherever you shall be, we appreciate you very much.

We know that according to the word of God that" man plan but God has the final answer" we know that everything works for the good of those who love the Lord.

Pastor, keep praying for us every time you pray.

To our incoming pastor, we also appreciate you, you are fitting now to the gap that our outgoing pastor is leaving,we welcome you with two hands.

We are grateful to our Lord who is heaven for the love shown to us,

My heart is sorrowful today but I get comfort in the word of God that whatever plan that was purposed by God to happen it will happen,I work is to keep trusting in the Lord always.

Let me end the remarks here and thank God for allowing me to express the views of the youths in this church,thank you church for the opportunity and we are grateful.

God bless you all

farewell speech to outgoing pastor

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