pastors wife gifts

Here are the pastors wife gifts ideas that you can have a look at that can guide you to choose the best gift for your pastor's wife


  • Giving them gifts from time to time
  • Send them flowers as a show of love.

  • Buy her a card and send it through the address of the church.
  • Get them buying vouchers so that they can go and pick anything they want from a store.
  • You can visit her and help in the kitchen. How lovely it is for a woman to be helped in the kitchen
  • Buy her the best dress that she loves as a surprise.
  • Buy her the cutlery for the kitchen. I think she will love them very much.

Most of the time pastor’s wives are forgotten in that many Christian recognize the husband who is your pastor and forget the wife who plays a key role. Actually if we knew the part that the wives are playing in your pastor’s life then we all would appreciate that they are the one running the church indirectly.

Imagine the first person to know about the welfare of the church. Many of us don’t know that the pastor share his feelings about the church before anyone else.

They are the pillar that is making the house which is your pastor to stand.

Proverbs 31 describes how important the woman is to the man’s life and therefore if as church members would from time to time recognize them and give them credit where they deserve then we can make them feel good and even take care of the pastor well.

Let us not keep on appreciating the pastor alone all the time. And someone can ask, how can we appreciate her. First there are several ways in which we can appreciate them.

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