Thank You For Coming Poem

Thank you for coming poem and thank you card poems that are easy to share with large group of people that attends your occasion.The poems can be also be used in your thank you for coming card & gifts cards.

Here are your free thank you poem and verses that you can use to thank someone who attends your occasions and make them feel good also thank you poems.

Taking time to appreciate your relatives,friends,and many more for taking time to come to your party is a good thing.

And you can do that using thank you for coming poem the we offer here

How do you feel when you are recognized as one of the visitors. Since you cannot thank everyone individually and finish.

The easiest way is through a poem

Sample of thank you for coming poem
Thanks a lot for your coming
We are happy to see such a wonderful people
Here today
Feel welcomed and we love you all for your attendance

You need to make the day a wonderful one by bringing in such wonderful moments. Spice up the day with such wonderful poems.

Do you remember an occasion in which you attended and felt welcomed.

Personally always attend great events such as birthdays,wedding days,Christmas days,graduation day and many great occasions.

You always attend too...

What are some of the experiences that you have had that makes you not forget those memorable moments. We all can agree that-little things matters a lot.

We feel good when we listen to songs,music and the rest.

What about you reading the whole congregation any of the following thank you for coming poem.

By the way. Any of the thank you for coming poem here can be used in any event that you have and you are free to use any that appeals to you. And wish you all the best in your preparation for the event.

enjoy thank you for coming poem and many more poems

On your graduation

Thank you Jim, for coming
Thank you for attending my graduation
Was so happy see there
You will always remain a true friend to me
Thank you because of your love

Actually words cannot express how happy am I
How happy am I
See you in my graduation day
Thank you and May God bless you

Thank you for coming and bringing
A hopeful presence
It meant so well with me and the
Whole of our family members

Thank you for your wishes
Thank you for your blessings
Thank you for your hope
Thank you for your prayers
Thank you for your gifts
Thank you very much

Thanks for coming to my birthday party

It was so good
It was so wonderful
It was such a joy
To see family and friends
Gather together and celebrate

My day of birth, my birthday
I was delighted and filled with happiness
To know that you care for me
To know that you can take such a mile
To see me happy and care for me
Thank you for coming
Thank you for showing me
What family is all about?
And what friends are for all the time.

Sweet babe what if
You become my sweet lover
For the rest of our lives
Let me mean to you what you mean to me
I feel great when I’m with you
Sitting and listening to you
Appreciating every moment with you
You are like gold to me

Very rare and yet so precious
I don’t wanna let you go
Out of my sight or my mind
Because you have come to my life
At a moment I needed someone
I’m glad and thankful to have you
Seated next to me and looking into my eyes.

The spell you have on me is magical
The way you love, is beyond expression
I love the way I feel about you
Since you came into my life
My life has never been the same
I thank God for you, you are my life
Stay with me and lets continue loving
Cherishing and caring for one another.

For attendance

We appreciate for your attendance today
We are happy for coming to grace this occasion
You are special people
Thanks a lot for the love that you have shown
May God bless you so much


When I raise up my head from here
I just feel privileged to speak to you now
You are such wonderful people
Thanks a lot for making it here


This day I feel humbled
Feel humbled because of you
You have made my day to be great
Thanks a lot and may God bless you

Thanks for coming to my retirement party

Thanks a lot for coming to my retirement party
Am so happy to see you all here
You have come to celebrate with me
As I retire from my service
You are so wonderful to me

I will always remember you all
Remember you for your goodness
It is a show of love
Love that we have with you

Be sure that I will always remember this
You are wonderful people
Your love has overcome everything
thanks a lot

I thought that when you grow old
Grow old and retired
You will lack friends
This has always been my fear
thanks a lot for proving me wrong

You have made my life a success
A success that you came here
thanks and I love all that
May God bless you so much

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