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Welcome to church pastor guide help page,where we give all the assistance you need to make the occasion in the church a success.

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We believe you are here because you have been tasked in the church to prepare and give an occasion/welcome speech.

Don't scratch your head anymore!

We are here to provide the help you need, right from the idea to the real speech and increase the confidence needed during the day.

We created this product for church members who is there first time to give the occasion speech or the matured church members who want to also increase knowledge about giving an occasion speech in the church.

This is our contact page where we help you:

  • Write any occasion speech in the church
  • Provide you with samples to guide and inspire you
  • Take you through a step by step until the process is over
  • Give you friendly advice that increases your confidence during the occasion
  • Remain in touch with you to the end of the occasion
  • Provide 24 hrs email contact assistance
  • Continue praying for you until the exercise is over

This is absolutely a friendly Christian help where we give a hand of assistance where we give the all service ascribed above from day one until the D-day in the church. 

To partner with us for the process you need to provide a contact fee of only $5 dollars which goes to maintain this website, to maintain and keep the information here for free cost us $300 per year and here is the company that host us and provides us with the technical assistance we need too.Click this link to confirm,solo built it

Take full advantage of this service and reduce the amount of worry, you just shift it to us and we take charge of the the whole process,

Just help us to maintain this website and we also give you all that you need.

This is a win/win situation. All of us need each other and together we shall keep moving forward to eternity.

If you are ready for the service, you can securely send your contact fee to us through PayPal by clicking the button below here.

Give a contact fee of $5 dollars only,

This 5 dollars goes to help us maintain this website and provide us with humble time to serve you better.

We are here for you and appreciate for visiting our site that is comprehensive and helpful to everyone who is preparing for an occasion in the church.

why welcome to church special page

After our own research and studies then listening to our customers together with the changes happening every now and then on how we deliver and receive information.

we can no longer trust anything we find on our way.

If you have been searching for information in the internet you know and understand what I'm talking about how it is very difficult to find something in one place.

It needs a skill for you to gather information from one place to another.

With the busy schedule we have in life. How many people have that time unless it is something that is your livelihood then you can have the patience of waiting to get it.

But if your work is a small section in the church that you have been given a role to play. Why should you waste all the time to try to gather the right speech for an opening during the anniversary.

You already know that the anniversary comes once in a while then why should you bother.

For us we have made this as our line so that we can save time for many people around the world.

We spend many hours coming up and then refining so that we can make you happy.

we are here to make you happy.

Therefore with welcome to church special page you are guaranteed in depth ready to modify materials that are of high quality.

Let us not blow our own trumpet. Get the responses from happy people like you around the world who are giving their testimonies.

I really struggled finding the right speech for an opening welcome anniversary in our church. While browsing the internet I came across this website and since then it has been our resource for our church. We subscribed once and have enjoyed a life time materials. God bless these people of God who are supplying our materials. The cost is nothing to what we are getting in our church~ Jones from Pretoria,South Africa

The above are many of the examples of the testimonies we receive on a daily basis of many people whom are enjoying this special page meant for the church.The welcome to church pastor help guide page is to help church is there to provide the assistance you need.

Actually we give money back guarantee. If you are not happy or satisfied.

Our goal is for you to be happy and save time that can enable you enjoy life according to your heart desires.

Immediately you give your contact fee, then fill us with your information below here we start the process.

Give a contact feel of $5 only and no more charges

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