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We help church members like you to write a speech!

Welcome to Churchpastorguide.org, one of the most popular website in the world.Ten thousands of people from all churches around the world come here each day to know and find out how to write a speech or poem for a church to help during an occasion in the church.

The purpose of this website is to help you write a church speech or poem and also save you time by writing one for you:

We are to help you write a church speech for any occasion in the church.

Below is just an example of many questions and agonies that many church members goes through...This is from Leonila,who wrote to us seeking for help.

From Leonila Suatengco Tate,Theodore,Alabama

.......I was asked by my Pastor's wife to do the welcome speech for the church on Mens and Womens day,this is my first,i need help

We know that maybe you might be having the same case and you need help.

That is what made us to have this Ministry, a ministry of help, We are here for you and others like you because it is their first time to give a speech in church and don't know how to go about it and even don't have a sample.

Together now we can.

We welcome you to our pages where we address the need that is affecting majority in the world who want a site that shows them how to address and give a speech in church during any occasion together with free samples.

We have given you quick examples to help you at this hour and which can also guide and inspire you to write a speech too.

If you don't have time, you can contact us by filling the form below so that we can help you to write one for the occasion in the church.

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If you still have time and want to pick just a sample speech for the occasion and use it then we have several examples across this site and they will be of great help.

Examples of occasional speech in our site:

·         Welcome speech for an occasion in the church

·         Welcome address for an event in the church

·         Church anniversary poems for the event

·         Church and pastor appreciation ideas

·         Customized speeches and poems for the church.

We have samples and also how to for :

  • Welcome speeches
  • church letters
  • Church poems

No where else you will feel at home like here. May God help you find the great speech,poem or letter for the occasion in the church.

How much time do you spend worrying  on what to say before a congregation? when invited to introduce a guest or provide a closing remark in the church.

Many people do because of phobia and this is in anyone even to the accomplished speakers in the world.

But you can find solace in a written speech that you can customize to fit the occasion.

Church Pastor guide is coming to you to help minimize worrying and also save you time that you need to do other things that are important in your life.

Download Instantly any speech for an occasion in the church. Worry No More,We save you time and leave you with all the happiness that you want.

Making people who are congregating to feel at home and part and parcel of you is not easy.

But with our guidance and the modified messages you will get here. You are sure that church members and guests are going to be warmed towards the service and more so make them want to come regularly because your church will be unique.

There is a special page full of downloads that fits your church. It is an exclusive page which is not meant for everyone.

In this page you will find modified welcome and other ready to use materials for your church.

As you already know,our work is to make everything easier for you and save that precious time you need to do other things.

Producing this materials for the churches is our work and we keep on updating the page with the latest materials for the church.

Save the page for your own use.

The page is here :

what makes different?

This church pastor guide website is written by a real human being and let me introduce myself now.

Hello, I'm Hesbon Nyambane writing from Kenya,Africa

A Pastor by call and seasoned speaker of all the time,

Speaking is an art and can be mastered over time with practice,

I created this website to pass the tips and secrets that can help one become a master in giving speeches in churches,whether it is sermons or welcoming speeches.

I know how overwhelming and wearing down it can be to start thinking what to say when given a chance to speak in the church.

As one experienced and a master when it comes to choosing what to say. God has blessed me with a gift to connect the scripture and choose what to say.

I want to help you to avoid the nervous part of wanting to know what to say and you just concentrate in delivering.

I trust that with this guide by your side. You are going to be able to pass the message to others easily and with clarity.

There is nothing demoralizing like having a good message but you fail to communicate it to others in an understandable way that can make the message reach home.

Therefore through the love of God welcome you to my means of communication that is easily accessible and here in this website you will find free samples that can help you to deliver a better speech.

You can also contact me and I can help you to create a fresh customized speech or sermon suited for your audience. It can take one week or so depending on the urgency of the matter.

Our website is the answer to church speeches and poems for an occasion

At Church pastor guide we give you Knowledge,Tools and Resources to help you deliver a perfect speech during a welcome or any occasion in the church.

we not only tell you how to write but also how to deliver it to the expectation of the the occasion.

We also have quick sample speech for you.

We understand what you must be going through more so when no help is nearer you and its very urgent.

The Church needs your input and you don’t want to let them down.

If you don't have time ,print a speech now here

How To

Get how to write,prepare and start a speech before a congregation in the church.Learn...

Speech Resources

Get the best samples of the church speeches for any occasion in the church


The secret to giving a great speech or welcome address in the church lies in finding a speech that moves church members and visitors who have come to grace the occasion into tears.

Do you understand what this entire means?

You want the event to be remembered well by everybody in the years coming before the next anniversary or occasion.


Most people are bewildered where to start and where to find the welcome speech or address that they need.

Worry any longer because it is possible now to get what you want within seconds.

We are working round the clock to make sure we bring to you the up to date speeches, poems, reading and address for an occasion in the church.

Whether it is an appreciation or anniversary you have in the church.

We avail all that you need.


You have instant access to the most in demand speeches or address you need that will not only inspire you but also be ready to be used in the church in any occasion that happen in the church.

We have the ideas, the tools and all that you need to make the church occasion a success.

If you need a speech to be customized and be sent to you through the email that meets what you want we shall do exactly that.

We are at your service always.

  The Church occasion guide


This sites provides ready to use welcome speeches and address for the church as well as the poems and the reading that can accompany the welcome speech in the church.

Most of my visitors are church members or leaders in the church who want to save time in having ready to use materials.

church welcome speechpreparing to give welcome speech in the church,Nairobi Kenya.

CHURCH PASTOR GUIDE -sample welcome for church

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