Are you looking for a sample warm welcome  for an occasion in the church?

A ready to use sample welcome for the church that is simple and easy sent to your email to save time for you to spend in worshiping God and having quality time with your family and church members



I’m Pastor Hesbon Nyambane.

If you’re like many of my church members , you may be searching for the perfect extra time to spend with God ,family and church members.

If you are becoming frustrated in the search for the sample welcome  that saves you that time to spend in the word and also give attention to your growing family that includes family and church members , I may have a perfect solution for you.

Church pastor guide give you everything you need when it comes to sample welcome in the church because there is pain.

And time lost when it comes to sitting down and starting to write your own welcome that is impromptu to you.

Since it takes few minutes to be delivered you. You will have up and ready to use sample welcome  that you can deliver the next day in your church.

Take a peek at what other church members had to say about church pastor guide.

“it takes an email only for the speech to be delivered to my inbox and download it with PDF where it saves me more time to spend with my God and family and church members”

It ensures that you present your speech with confidence because you get to have advice on how to present it in the church.

Based on the experience from my church members,many want a ready to use welcome speech that includes:

  • Ready to be customized to suit the occasion
  • can be printed and be used immediately
  • Easy to read and inspiring
  • bible based
  • helps to inform at the same time inspire members
  • make the presenter be appreciated for the good work
  • bring glory to God

We have managed to cover the all above and we are sure the Lord shall guide you as you present your welcoming speech.

Just remember the welcomes here are free and delivered to your email and its good you provide and insert your name and email in the box provided below here

Below is a picture that shows few memorable moments when was preparing to give a speech in one of the churches in Kenya.

I always travel to give speeches in far and wide.

Through that have gained lot of experience and also confidence that have turned out to be life time lessons to share.

There surety that in Jesus name you will benefit from this site.

church welcome speechpreparing to give welcome speech in the church,Nairobi Kenya.

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