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Are you in need of a church occasion speech?

Maybe you have been asked to prepare and deliver a speech in the forth coming occasion in church..

You church is celebrating.....

  • annual Women's Day
  • Church anniversary
  • Pastor appreciation day
  • women's ministry conference in a church service
  • Youth conference
  • women convention
  • Family and friends day in church
  • Pastor birthday day in church
  • Children's day in church

And many....

We help you prepare for the occasion by giving you samples and information that can make you get ready for the occasion.

We also have the customized ready to use speeches that are downloadable.

If you already have a theme and want a speech that reflect that then use the form below here to contact us so that we can help you to write the speech.

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What we do is to reduce your nervousness...

We understand that your work is to make it to the "business of speaking".

You were only requested or asked by your Pastor or the department chairperson of your church to prepare and give an opening or closing remarks in church and that is all.

Maybe another time you will speak is after a long time.

What are you supposed to do now?

You need someone to hold your hand and tell  you this is the direction and this is what you need to do.

That is the gap we are filling now.

You can't afford to be nervous again.

We make sure you get prepared and are ready to speak for the occasion without any hitches.

Please let us know what kind of speech are going to talk about in church,conference,seminar or convention and shall prepare a speech or remark for you.

If you can't find it here on our site then you need to use the contact form below and specify the type of speech and we shall be able to write it for you.

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Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

We know how urgently you need that is why we make sure you get it as soon as possible.