Chupaguide training Institute

chupaguide training Institute is our training resource that guide and gives step by step on how to write an occasion material from scratch, this is a compliment to the resource and downloads we give here in our guide.

We came up with this training part after many made a request that a part from getting ready to use materials for an occasion, there are those who want actual guidance on how to  write one from scratch that is from the beginning till they can have a ready to use material.

This section is for you and we have made it a training Institute so you can learn on how to go about it and with time you can be an expert in doing it.

This will help because occasions are  year round and you are sure that next year the same occasion will be there waiting for you.

We also have secretaries in the church who are tasked by the church to write regular letters, we also train them on how to write various letters to addresses a need in church.

Chupaguide training Institute

You can scroll down and be able to enroll for a course that can run for a week to 6 months depending on the urgency of the matter or your seriousness to the mastery.

But if you only interested for a resource or download  you can find various sections in our site here.

Chupaguide training Institute

chupaguide training Institute

Chupaguide training Institute

Training sections below that you can click and enroll.

  • how to be a good master of ceremony in church event
  • how to mc a church program
  • how to mc men's day in the church
  • how to moderate a church program
  • how to start a church speech
  • how to welcome visitors to your church
  • how to write and deliver church speech

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