How to welcome visitors to your church

Below is how to welcome visitors to your church.

If you are looking for a sample that can help you as you look forward to do a welcoming in your church, then we have an example for you below here.

We are writing having you in mind.

You have been tasked by your pastor or the church to go and prepare to do a welcome during a church service.

While you are at home, you keep thinking on how you are going to welcome them.

Then you decide to do a search and you have landed in our page.

The sample below is meant to show you how and give you the words that you can use to do a welcome for the visitors who have come to worship with you in your church.

Here is the sample to help you.

how to welcome visitors to your church sample

Good morning everyone!

We are glad this morning for the Lord has allowed us to come here and worship together and this is the great opportunity to share the love of God.

We are happy that in our midst we have visitors who have joined us for the first time and they include:

(Read the names)

We want to thank them for choosing our church as a place of worship and want to ask them to be this place their home.

I know the regular members are happy to have you here.

Enjoy your service and may the love of God be with you always. We ask you to remain behind as the rest leave after the service. We have something for you.

Thank you and God bless you.

how to welcome visitors to your church

We hope the above wording is perfect for you.

we thank you once again for visiting our page.

If you need a step by step in writing a welcome for the visitors, we have prepared a manual that can assist you.

We have a 35 page that you can download instantly and start using that is  meant for the first timers who have never delivered or given any church speech.

We wrote that guidance manual having you in mind and it would really help you.

You will find great information that will guide you from preparing on the words that you will use to rehearsing all the way to how you stand and present it.

If you are interested in the guidance eBook then you can follow this link and download it immediately, how to write and deliver a church speech.

Otherwise if you find it hard doing on your own,we are here for you and can assist.

We can help to write one from scratch and send it to you in minutes.

what you need to do is to fill the contact form below and give us the information that you want to be included in the welcome address and we shall do the necessary.

Here is the contact form to use.

Contact Us

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Let us wish you all the best as you prepare to do the welcome address in church during the upcoming service.

We are praying to our heavenly Father to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you present to the expectation of the congregation.

May God bless you always.

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As Christian we fully depend on the Holy Spirit to guide us on what to say during an occasion in church.

Since you need to know how to write a welcome address.

The following are the simple steps that you can follow.

1. First, you need to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you

2.Have at least a clue on  the guests who will attend the occasion,ask your pastor if he is the one who invited them and as a youth am sure you already know them.

3, get our sample guide here to help you guide the flow of thoughts.

4.If you want a ready written speech,the here is one, welcome note from youth leader

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how to write church welcome address.

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