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Church pastor guide is your partner towards various celebrations, we have availed downloads for church themes to guide the occasion, letters to help invite members and friends for the occasion and occasional speeches  to help you be ready for any major celebrations done in the church calendar.

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Church anniversaries Column

Find materials for church anniversaries in this section

  • 1 year church anniversary ideas
  • 10 year church anniversary ideas
  • 10 year church anniversary theme
  • 100 church anniversary prayer
  • 100 year church anniversary themes
  • 100th church anniversary poems
  • 100th church anniversary welcome
  • 150 year church anniversary ideas
  • 16th church anniversary speech
  • 1st year church anniversary
  • 20th church anniversary theme
  • 21st church anniversary
  • 25th church anniversary poems
  • 30th church anniversary theme
  • 40th church anniversary speech
  • 40th church anniversary themes
  • 5 year church anniversary theme
  • 5th church anniversary
  • 60th church anniversary theme with scripture
  • 60th church anniversary wishes
  • anniversary church
  • best theme for church anniversary
  • black church anniversary ideas
  • black church anniversary prayer
  • black church anniversary themes
  • black church anniversary welcome speeches
  • chairman speech at church anniversary
  • children church anniversary welcome speech
  • christian church anniversary poems
  • christian poems for church anniversary
  • church 100 year anniversary themes
  • church 10th anniversary speech
  • church 50th anniversary ideas
  • church anniversary
  • church anniversary bible verses
  • church anniversary blessings
  • church anniversary celebration themes
  • church anniversary closing prayer
  • church anniversary congratulations messages
  • church anniversary greeting messages
  • church anniversary greetings
  • church anniversary messages
  • church anniversary occasion
  • church anniversary occasion speech
  • church anniversary opening prayer
  • church anniversary opening remarks
  • Church anniversary poem
  • church anniversary poems
  • church anniversary poems readings
  • church anniversary prayer
  • church anniversary prayers
  • church anniversary programs
  • church anniversary quotes
  • church anniversary responsive reading
  • church anniversary scriptures
  • church anniversary sermons
  • church anniversary sermons pdf
  • church anniversary speeches
  • church anniversary speeches database
  • church anniversary theme moving forward
  • church anniversary themes
  • church anniversary themes and scriptures
  • church anniversary themes by year
  • church anniversary themes on faith
  • church anniversary themes with scriptures
  • church anniversary welcome address speech
  • church anniversary welcome poems
  • church anniversary welcome speeches
  • church building anniversary scriptures
  • church choir anniversary poems
  • church choir anniversary welcome speech
  • church dedication anniversary prayer
  • church pastor anniversary welcome speech
  • church third year anniversary theme and bible text
  • church usher anniversary poems
  • Church welcome young adults anniversary
  • closing remarks for church anniversary
  • emcee script for church anniversary
  • encouraging words for church anniversary
  • examples of church anniversary themes
  • goodwill message for church anniversary
  • happy 20th church anniversary
  • happy anniversary church wishes
  • happy church anniversary
  • inspirational church anniversary messages
  • inspirational poems for church anniversary -Free biblical poems for you
  • list of church anniversary themes
  • menu for church anniversary
  • Occasion for 152nd Church Anniversary
  • occasion speech for church anniversary
  • opening prayer for church anniversary
  • opening remarks for church anniversary
  • Pastor anniversary poems for an occasion in the church
  • pastoral prayer for church anniversary
  • poems for church usher anniversary
  • prayers for church anniversary service
  • sample church anniversary invocation prayers
  • sample church anniversary themes
  • sample church anniversary welcome
  • spiritual poems for church anniversary
  • suggested theme for church anniversary
  • thanksgiving speech for church anniversary
  • theme scripture for church anniversary
  • themes for church anniversary celebration
  • themes for church choir anniversary
  • vote of thanks after anniversary in church
  • welcome address for church anniversary
  • welcome poem for church anniversary
  • welcome speech for church anniversary program
  • wording for church anniversary
  • Pastor appreciation Column

  • appreciation for pastor
  • emcee script for pastor's appreciation
  • happy birthday pastor
  • happy birthday pastor messages
  • happy pastor appreciation day
  • happy pastor appreciation day message
  • ideas on pastor appreciation day
  • inspirational words for pastor appreciation
  • message for pastor appreciation day
  • message on pastor appreciation day
  • pastor and family appreciation poems
  • pastor and first lady appreciation
  • pastor and wife appreciation programs
  • pastor appreciation
  • pastor appreciation day
  • pastor appreciation day poems
  • pastor appreciation day quotes
  • pastor appreciation day welcome
  • pastor appreciation gift idea for the church
  • pastor appreciation gifts
  • pastor appreciation ideas for an occasion
  • pastor appreciation love offering letter
  • pastor appreciation message
  • pastor appreciation month
  • pastor appreciation month ideas
  • pastor appreciation poems for an occasion in the church
  • pastor appreciation quotes
  • pastor appreciation Scripture
  • pastor appreciation sermon
  • pastor appreciation speech
  • pastor appreciation speeches
  • pastor appreciation Sunday
  • pastor appreciation Sunday responsive reading
  • pastor appreciation theme
  • pastor appreciation themes and scriptures
  • pastor appreciation welcome speech
  • pastor appreciation welcome speech example
  • pastor appreciation words of thanks
  • pastor first lady appreciation poems
  • pastor wife appreciation poems
  • poem for pastor appreciation day
  • poem pastor appreciation month
  • prayer for pastor appreciation
  • sample appreciation letter for pastors
  • sample pastor appreciation speech
  • sample words of appreciation for pastors
  • scripture for pastor appreciation month
  • sermon for pastor appreciation service
  • Thank you note to pastor for appreciation
  • theme for pastor appreciation
  • verses for pastor appreciation
  • welcome speech for pastor appreciation
  • welcome speech for pastor appreciation service
  • words of appreciation to pastor
  • words of encouragement pastor appreciation
  • youth pastor appreciation poems
  • Easter Celebration Column

    Christmas Celebration Column

    New Year Celebration column

    Father's Day Column

    Children's Day and ministry column

    Mother's Day Column

    Youth day and ministry

    Occasional letters Column

  • youth day welcome presentation letter
  • acceptance letter for church position
  • application letter for the post of a chorister
  • application letter to join a department in church
  • appointment letter for church leaders
  • baptism letter from church
  • church acknowledgement letter
  • church anniversary announcement letter
  • church anniversary congratulations letter
  • church anniversary invitation letter
  • church anniversary letter to members
  • church building dedication invitation letter
  • church building fund pledge letter
  • church building fundraising letter
  • church choir application letter
  • church choir invitation letter
  • church christmas celebration invitation letter
  • church Christmas invitation dinner letter
  • church condolence letter
  • church congratulation letters
  • church contribution letter
  • church contribution thank you letter
  • church donation letter
  • church easter letter
  • church giving thank you letter
  • church invitation letter
  • church invitation letter conference
  • church letter for accepting to speak
  • church letter of invitation to father's day celebration
  • church letter template
  • church letter templates
  • church letters
  • church membership letter from pastor
  • church membership release letter
  • church membership transfer letter
  • church membership welcome letter
  • church membership withdrawal letter
  • church musician resignation letter
  • church outreach letter
  • church pledge drive letter
  • church pledge letter for donation
  • church recommendation letter for student
  • church release letter
  • church speaking engagement confirmation letter
  • church termination letter
  • church thank you letter
  • church thanksgiving invitation letter
  • church thanksgiving letter
  • church transfer of membership letter
  • church visitor follow up letter
  • church visitor welcome letter
  • church year end contribution letter
  • church year end giving letter
  • church youth conference invitation letter
  • community service letter from church
  • contribution letter from church
  • donation letter for church
  • donation letter for church building
  • easter letter to parents
  • easter thank you letter
  • farewell letter to church
  • invitation letter to a pastor as a guest speaker
  • invitation letter to church service
  • leaving a church gracefully letter
  • leaving the church letter
  • letter for financial support for church
  • letter from church for donation
  • letter of appreciation to church after funeral
  • letter of appreciation to church members
  • letter of good standing church
  • letter of recommendation from church
  • letter of suspension from church
  • letter to a suffering church
  • letter to church leaders
  • miss you at church letter
  • new church member letter
  • new church member welcome letter
  • new year letter from pastor to congregation
  • pastor appreciation love offering letter
  • pastor invitation letter for anniversary
  • pastor letters
  • pastor thank you letter
  • recommendation letter for church volunteer
  • resignation letter from church
  • resignation letter from church position
  • sample appreciation letter for pastors
  • sample letter confirming church membership
  • sponsorship letter for church event
  • thank you letter for church
  • thank you letter for visiting our church
  • thank you letter to church pastor
  • thank you letter to church
  • thank you letter to pastor
  • Thank you letter to pastor for preaching
  • wedding appreciation letter to church
  • welcome to our church letter
  • pastor appreciation letter
  • appreciation letter to a pastor
  • pastor recommendation letter
  • pastor anniversary letter of invite
  • letter of recommendation for pastor
  • letter for pastor appreciation day
  • invitation letter for pastor anniversary
  • pastor appreciation letter to congregation
  • stewardship letter from the pastor
  • Pastor anniversary

    Priest Ministry

  • Priest Ordination Anniversary themes with scriptures
  • priestly anniversary message
  • priestly anniversary wishes and prayers
  • priest farewell speech
  • priestly ordination wishes
  • welcome speech for pastor installation
  • farewell speech for church by a pastor
  • elder appreciation speech
  • Choir day and ministry

    Stewardship Day column

    Church welcome column

  • a welcome speech for church
  • a youth bible seminar welcome speech
  • an association's welcome address
  • black church anniversary welcome speeches
  • black church welcome address
  • chairman welcome speech for church harvest
  • children church anniversary welcome speech
  • children day welcome speech in church
  • church annual women conference welcome address
  • church building dedication welcome speech
  • Church choirmaster welcome speech
  • church conference welcome speech
  • church dedication welcome address
  • church homecoming welcome speech
  • church pastor anniversary welcome speech
  • church program welcome speeches
  • church revival welcome greeting
  • church service welcome speech
  • church welcome address
  • church welcome for an occasion
  • church welcome greeting speech
  • church welcome greetings
  • church welcome greetings for programs
  • church welcome message
  • church welcome speech
  • church welcome speech for homecoming
  • church welcome speech for visitors
  • church welcome speech for women seminar
  • church welcome speech for women's day
  • Church Welcome Speech Sample
  • church welcome speeches
  • church welcome speeches for visitors
  • church women conference welcome speech
  • church womens day welcome speech
  • church youth day welcome address
  • church youth week welcome address
  • divine service welcome speech
  • family and friends church welcome
  • fellowship church welcome
  • funny church welcome speech
  • pastor and wife anniversary welcome
  • pastor's convention welcome address
  • poem to welcome church visitors
  • poem welcome pastor and family
  • poems of welcome for church
  • revival welcome speeches for church
  • sabbath school welcome remarks´╗┐
  • sabbath welcome quotes
  • sabbath welcome speech
  • sample revival church welcome speeches
  • sda sabbath welcome
  • sunday church service welcome speech
  • welcome address for church
  • welcome address for church program
  • welcome address for praise night
  • welcome address of house dedication
  • welcome address speech for church
  • welcome for church homecoming service
  • welcome for church usher programs
  • welcome for pastor anniversary
  • welcome for usher anniversary
  • welcome message for church visitors
  • welcome new pastor service speech
  • welcome poem for church program
  • welcome poems for church
  • welcome poems for church visitors
  • welcome speech at a church convention
  • welcome speech by the church secretary
  • welcome speech for a pastor to a new church
  • welcome speech for anniversary celebration
  • welcome speech for choir concert
  • welcome speech for church conference examples
  • welcome speech for church events
  • welcome speech for church leaders
  • welcome speech for church revival
  • welcome speech for church service
  • welcome speech for church young singles day
  • welcome speech for men's day program
  • welcome speech for new pastor
  • welcome speech for pastor anniversary program
  • Welcome speech for Sunday school attendance program
  • welcome speech for usher anniversary
  • welcome speech for usher day program
  • Welcome speech for Women Missionary Society  
  • welcome speech on presenting new gospel band
  • welcome speeches for church carol services
  • welcome speeches for church events
  • welcome speeches for church programs
  • welcome to church Occasional materials
  • welcome to church quotes
  • welcome to my church poems
  • welcome visitors to church quotes
  • welcome visitors to church speech
  • womens day welcome speech adventist
  • Church emcee occasion scripts

    How To ( Training section) Column

    Church themes for occasions

  • 10 year church anniversary theme
  • 100 year church anniversary themes
  • 14 pastor anniversary themes
  • 20th church anniversary theme
  • 30th church anniversary theme
  • 40th church anniversary themes
  • 5 year church anniversary theme
  • 60th church anniversary theme with scripture
  • best theme for church anniversary
  • best theme for church thanksgiving
  • biblical theme for a praise concert
  • black church anniversary themes
  • children's church service themes
  • choir themes with scriptures
  • Christmas themes for church
  • church 100 year anniversary theme
  • church anniversary celebration theme
  • church anniversary theme moving forward
  • church anniversary themes
  • church anniversary themes and scriptures
  • church anniversary themes by year
  • church anniversary themes on faith
  • church anniversary themes with scriptures
  • church choir day themes with scriptures
  • church conference themes list
  • church couples retreat themes
  • church family camp themes
  • church family day themes
  • church fellowship themes
  • church graduation themes
  • church homecoming themes
  • church leadership conference theme
  • church outreach themes
  • church prayer breakfast themes
  • church rally day theme
  • church revival themes and scriptures
  • church stewardship campaign themes
  • Church stewardship campaign themes
  • church stewardship themes
  • church summer camp themes
  • church themes for men's day
  • church themes for the year
  • church third year anniversary theme and bible text
  • church usher theme verses
  • church volunteer appreciation themes
  • church youth conference themes
  • easter church theme ideas
  • easter themes for church
  • examples of church anniversary themes
  • father's day themes for church with scripture
  • godly theme for teenager's program
  • gospel choir anniversary themes
  • list of church anniversary themes
  • mother's day themes for church with scripture
  • new year themes for church
  • pastor anniversary theme
  • pastor anniversary theme and scripture
  • pastor appreciation theme
  • pastor appreciation themes
  • pastor appreciation themes and scripture
  • Priest Ordination Anniversary themes with scriptures
  • sample church anniversary themes
  • suggested theme for church anniversary
  • theme for children anniversary
  • theme for choir week
  • theme for churches children day
  • theme for pastor appreciation
  • theme for youth camp
  • theme scripture for church anniversary
  • themes for children's church programs
  • themes for choir day to help during the day
  • themes for christian youth anniversary
  • themes for church anniversary celebration
  • themes for church choir anniversary
  • themes for church events
  • themes for church homecoming celebration
  • themes for pastor anniversary
  • themes for teenagers day in church program
  • themes for women's ministry events
  • women's day themes for church
  • youth day themes for church
  • Handing over session in church

    Access over 500 written materials for various church celebrations in the church calendar that are spread through the year

    Some of the church celebrations in the church calendar that you will find materials ready are Easter period, Thanksgiving time, Handing over period, Birthday celebrations,Christmas celebrations,Pastor Appreciation Month,New year events and church anniversaries events, Mother's day celebrations,Father's day celebrations in church.

    we also prepare church letter templates for various occasions in church.

    Our downloads are ready to be used in an occasion that you have in the church soon.

    Some of the famous and well celebrated occasions in church are: Pastor appreciation, Church anniversary, Pastor anniversary,Christmas,Easter and many more

    We keep writing and placing the materials in one stop so that you can have an easy time in finding the best that you are looking for.

    In whatever occasion that you want to celebrate or have been called to participate. You don't have to worry, we shall work with you and if you don't find the material according to your theme then you can contact us and we will help you to produce it.

    We work round the clock to make sure your occasion in church is a success.

    We are here to partner with you as we move forward.

    Our site is very unique unlike others who charge you a monthly fee for us here we only charge you a one time access fee of only $9.75 and you will have all the materials at your finger tips to have a look.

    The small fee we are charging is only for maintaining the site and help us run it smoothly.

    You don't have to worry of anything, we are here to help you get any material you are looking.

    If you want to access the materials right now, just pay only $9.75 to help you access 500 materials for an occasion and choose the one you want.

    Click the PayPal button below here and you will receive the resource download page instantly

    Easter period occasion

    This is one of the important occasion in the church calendar that happens between March and April of every year.

    As your partner in this occasion, we have prepared materials that can help you get ready for the occasion, including speeches, letters to send to church members and many more.

    The materials can be downloaded from our site at a lower cost so that we can save time.

    Pastor appreciation month

    Every year during the month of October is pastor appreciation month and as a church you need to prepare for the occasion.

    We are partnering and walking with you in this journey as you mark this important event in the church calendar.

    We have prepared downloads to help you get ready for the church event, we have themes, speeches and letters that you can send during that day in church.

    Church thanksgiving and harvest session

    The month of November of each year is believed to be a month of being grateful to our creator, Christian around churches come together to thank God and bring a long the harvest that has passed through their hands, find themes, letters and speeches for the occasion right here in our pages.

    Christmas celebrations and occasion

    Every year, during the month of December, Christians around the globe celebrate the Christmas festivities as a time when Jesus was born, as your partner in this journey, your will find ready to use materials in our pages here that you can download.

    New Year Event

    The 1st day of January of each year is a day we welcome a new year and would want to wish each other a prosperous period.

    As your partner in the church, we have made materials that you can use to to wish each other happy year including letters, wonderful quotes and many more.

    Church anniversaries

    Various churches and ministries hold anniversary celebration to mark a period of service to humanity, as a partner in this church, we have materials that can help you get ready for the occasion.

    Some of the materials you can download from our pages are speeches, letters and many more.

    Since inception we have worked with church leaders like you from around the world to get ready for any church occasion that can happen in the church.

    We have prepared timely materials to help you in time of need and also we have kept adding different themes to fit in an occasion.

    No matter in the occasion in church we have a material for you. Even if you don't find one we shall prepare a customized one according to your specifications.

    We are here to reduce your agony on what you are going to say during the occasion as well as save you time, so that you can use it to do your precious things in your life.


    In this section, we are going to cover our initial bases.

    You're going to learn a survey concerning occasional church materials. We will provide you with sample materials that cover every section of an occasion in church.


    Discover unique approaches and guidelines that you can use to prepare and present an occasion in church.

    All of us have natural fear that comes when you are asked to present before people or a congregation in church.

    Church pastor guide is a unique program that guides you steps by steps to be able to prepare for an occasion in church.

    Find every sample you need to guide and every material that is ready to be downloaded.

    You only need to relax and we shall deliver.

    Why strain while we are here....

    Plan with us and you will never regret.

    Where do you begin...

    We have given samples all over the place within this site..

    Download the material you need and modify slightly to fit your unique situation and there you are.

    If the material you need is not available don't hesitate to contact us immediately and we shall deliver.

    Our work is to deliver what you need.

    We have what it take to get ready.....


    We are here for you, find the modifiable church letters and welcome speech templates for all  occasions in  church and we keep updating more templates

    We guide and help you from the beginning to the end when you need help to prepare for the occasion in church such as church anniversary occasion, church appreciation,Celebration events such as Easter holidays etc.

    Our mission is to make every Church member of the Christian community anywhere ready for an occasion in their church in the world 

    We provide inreach/outreach products and services that can help church members share their unique culture to each other as they show the world the love of God

    We walk with you,step by step to the end

    At Church Pastor Guide we have a church resource with over 500 occasional speeches,church letters and many more for first time speakers,writers etc.

    Being asked to give a church speech can be a daunting task if you have never attempted before or if it is your first time.

    Not only you don't know how to begin and leave a lone expressing yourself before a church congregation or group of worshipers.

    You'll also need to overcome the fear of speaking before people,if you have never done it before!

    But never fear ....I'm hear to help you!

    Look at some of the questions asked by other church members like you which led to this resource center......

    "I want you to help me write a speech that I can use as the youth President in my local Church because we are having a youth week and the church said that I must speak"-Afuwape Adekunle,from Nigeria

    From Leonila Suatengco Tate,Theodore,Alabama

    .......I was asked by my Pastor's wife to do the welcome speech for the church on Mens and Womens day,this is my first,i need help

    My name is Agnes and I'm the Chair lady in one of our church ministries. First time being a chair lady and first time to deliver a speech. The occasion is to welcome guests to our dinner function in conjunction with our women's league 50th Golden Jubilee Anniversary.
    I'm getting so nervous as the day draws closer. Appreciate if you can help me.
    Thank you & God bless.


    Can you please assist me with a occasion speech for our church
    homecoming?Its my first time presenting a occasion speech. I normally do the
    welcome speech,

    vivian miller(United States)

    I need help with a welcome/occasion for a women's day. I
    would appreciate your help with this matter.  Thank you.


    I need a welcome for men day program

    ~Anita(United States)

    This is the reason we exist and you don't need to worry any more. You can find us anytime,anywhere you need us.

    If this is your first time you have been asked or tasked to prepare and give a speech in church.

    I'm going to help you.

    You know the toughest thing in writing church occasion speeches?Knowing where to begin.

    There is not shortage of great writing advice out there, you will find lots of it. What you can't find is the great advice and at the same time great examples to show you how to write and deliver an occasion church speech.

    That's where church pastor guide Help comes:

    We absolutely make it easy to understand. We have assumed that you don't have prior knowledge on writing any occasion church speech and this is your first time to do that.

    It's a step by step. Writing any church occasion speech is not a complex exercise but a step by step process that can be taught and be followed.We have made it easier here,that you will get free samples that can guide and help you as you prepare for the occasion in the church.

    I have designed this website to be your "to go" resource which will help you from the beginning to the end, just look at it as your guide.

    Church Pastor Guide is dedicated to providing church members who is their first time to deliver a speech with an easy way of getting a ready to use speech as well as step by step in writing a speech from the scratch.

    Note: There is also a guide that you can download and get detailed step by step guidance on how to write and deliver a great speech during an occasion in the church. You can download it here, it only cost you 27.95 dollars but will save you a lot.

    You can also contact us and we help you to write a speech,just follow this link and you give us your details and information.

    There rest of the site now is full of sample speech,fee free to go through it now.

    We also have another site dedicated for prayers only

    We know that maybe you might be having the same case and you need help.

    That is what made us to have this Ministry, Church pastor guide a ministry of help, We are here for you and others like you because it is their first time to give a speech in church and don't know how to go about it and even don't have a sample.

    Together now we can.

    We welcome you to our pages where we address the need that is affecting majority in the world who want a site that shows them how to address and give a speech in church during any occasion together with free samples.

    We have given you quick examples to help you at this hour and which can also guide and inspire you to write a speech too.

    If you don't have time, you can contact us by filling the form below so that we can help you to write one for the occasion in the church.

    Here is the church pastor guide form to contact us.

    If you still have time and want to pick just a sample speech for the occasion and use it then we have several examples across this site and they will be of great help.

    How much time do you spend worrying  on what to say before a congregation? when invited to introduce a guest or provide a closing remark in the church.

    Many people do because of phobia and this is in anyone even to the accomplished speakers in the world.

    But you can find solace in a written speech that you can customize to fit the occasion.

    Church Pastor guide is coming to you to help minimize worrying and also save you time that you need to do other things that are important in your life.

    Making people who are congregating to feel at home and part and parcel of you is not easy.

    But with our guidance and the modified messages you will get here. You are sure that church members and guests are going to be warmed towards the service and more so make them want to come regularly because your church will be unique.

    There is a special page full of downloads that fits your church. It is an exclusive page which is not meant for everyone.

    In this page you will find modified welcome and other ready to use materials for your church.

    As you already know,our work is to make everything easier for you and save that precious time you need to do other things.

    Producing this materials for the churches is our work and we keep on updating the page with the latest materials for the church.

    Save the page for your own use.

    The page is here :

    what makes different?


    The secret to giving a great speech or welcome address in the church lies in finding a speech that moves church members and visitors who have come to grace the occasion into tears.

    Do you understand what this entire means?

    You want the event to be remembered well by everybody in the years coming before the next anniversary or occasion.


    Most people are bewildered where to start and where to find the welcome speech or address that they need.

    Worry any longer because it is possible now to get what you want within seconds.

    We are working round the clock to make sure we bring to you the up to date speeches, poems, reading and address for an occasion in the church.

    Whether it is an appreciation or anniversary you have in the church.

    We avail all that you need.

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