Thank you for being my spiritual father

Looking for thank you for being my spiritual father message for a letter you are about to write to your spiritual father in the church to show some appreciation for the work and role he is playing in your life?

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Below you will find the sample that you can use during an occasion or at the special moments that you want to appreciate your pastor for the wonderful role and work he is doing in your life.

God anointed him with a special calling and there is a reason as to why he is in your life.

Let me join the rest of the church members in showing love to you and thanking for making you to be my pastor, thank you for everything that you are doing to us as members and we pray that the love of God be with you always. You are in our prayers always. Be blessed pastor.

Thank you for being my spiritual father letter

Dear spiritual father,(insert the name here)

Thank you for being an earthly example of love of what we expect to learn of God, despite being mortal, we know there is not any other perfect example that we have like what God himself has given us.

All the roles and responsibilities that you have been given by our heavenly Father who is the source of everything you have done them with a diligent heart. May the flow of blessings shower your life and your family.

Thank you for being there for us, you counsel us, you pray with us, you share uplifting messages that God has given you, we can only say that you for having such a kind of spiritual father in our church.

We want to ask and pray to our heavenly Father to continue revealing to you more of what you will feed us and may you and your family be blessed abundantly.

Stay blessed and thank you always.

Yours in Christ,


appreciation message to a spiritual father

Allow me to thank our heavenly Father for the love and care.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for being my spiritual father, you have always comfort and remind me to trust in the Lord when everything seem not working, your prayers come in hand when I need help most. May the good Lord fill you with wisdom and knowledge as He uses you to bless us always.

Thank you and God bless you.

In the love of God, I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the best and thanks for being my spiritual leader, I will forever be grateful for the love we share so far, I pray that God continue blessing us beyond our imagination through the grace He has for us.

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Otherwise may our good Lord be with you as you show some appreciation to your pastor and let the love of God that comes from above bind you together and may you be filled with peace that surpasses human understanding in all that you do in your daily endeavors.

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honoring your spiritual father

appreciation message to a spiritual father

thank you for being my spiritual father

birthday message to my spiritual father

spiritual father quotes

fathers day message to my spiritual father

who is a spiritual father

spiritual fathers day messages

happy father's day message to my pastor

As the world celebrate the fathers day, I want to take this opportunity to wish you a happy day and may our good Lord be with you always and bless you abundantly, thank you for being my spiritual father, you have really helped me grow spiritually, happy fathers day

fathers day message to my pastor

I always look forward to this day, the day when I remember my favorite person, that is my pastor, thank you for the far you have guided me and helped me reach,I pray that God shower you with much blessings this day. Happy fathers day my pastor.

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