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In our page here we have sourced for the best message some from the bible and others we composed them through inspiration.

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It is our sincere prayer that the goodness  of our Lord Jesus may dwell in out hearts forever as we share the love that God had given us through words, quotes, sayings and poems 

Thank you pastor quotes

  • For everything you do,we appreciate a lot,thank you very much
  • May our good Lord keep you in perfect peace forever and ever.
  • The words that you share with us always penetrate like a double edged sword and touches even to the deep hidden thoughts.  God bless you and give you grace to do even better.
  • When I listen to your sermons pastors, your words of grace always  echoes through my heart,  my memories runs up and down and lands on the cross of Calvary  where am crushed to pieces before my Lord and savior molds me to a new creature. God bless you pastor for allowing God to use you
  • we count a blessing to have you in our church,thank you
  • Each morning we lift our voice to praise our Lord for being our pastor,thank you
  • Thank you for the encouragement pastor
  • Your sermon today was very uplifting,thank you
  • Thank you pastor for the scripture reading
  • Thank you Lord for the mercies that you renew each morning

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Thank you pastor

Thank you pastor

Our pastor carries solemn work in ministering to us all the time. They have taken there time to share encouraging messages that are uplifting in our lives.

They take time to pray for us and counsel us when in need. How much then can we appreciate there work they do in our lives.

Just say thank you to your pastor means a lot.

To say thank can be expressed in various ways and let us see how much we can thank our pastors.

Imagine when someone appreciated for the work you did to him or her. It was more than what you did. isn't?

Thank you pastor messages will do miracles 

Thank you pastor messages

words to thank a pastor

You have landed this page because you want serious information to share and appreciate your pastor during this time.

We understand that and have provided the relevant information that you need.

In our page below here we have provided with samples of thank you messages that can inspire and will give you a picture of what is expected during this appreciation day in the church.

We have also created a special page that got downloadable materials that is meant for your church.

The page you need now immediately is welcome to church -access right now for PDF thank you messages for your pastor

I can remember very well. When I gave a motivational talk some place.

You know what people called me and said thank you for encouraging us we feel great and may God bless you so much.

There was a listener in the congregation who send me a gift.

And let me say that the gift was a book that was so inspiring. I appreciate a lot. My heart went down with gratitude. I felt privileged and humbled.

how to say thank you

Sometimes we lack words to show that we appreciate our pastors for what they are doing but we can briefly say.

-Thank you pastor for the great sermon that you gave last Sunday. God bless you always

-Thank you pastor for the encouragement and enrichment words that inspires me

-Thank you pastor and the first lady for the love that flows to us through Jesus Christ.

Pastor I want to say thank you for your prayers and visiting me in the hospital when was sick,  seeing you made me happy, thank you for your caring attitude towards members, I pray to our God in heaven to add you more years to keep serving the people He has placed in your hands.  You have touched many lives and May you live many years as you impact lives.

wordings for thanking our pastor

  • 1 Timothy 5:17 :The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching.

What is that you want to so say thank you to your pastor for the work he does to you all the time.

You must have a reason to say.

Your pastor is the spiritual father and got the anointing from God that we all require when it comes with the spiritual matters.

Our page and else where we have got great message that you can share with your pastor during the appreciation day that comes once a year during the month of October or whichever time you have allocated in your church to celebrate the pastor in the church.

It is the wish that we don't read much in between the line and make this day a success.

Well you need to appreciate your pastor for the work he or she does in your life.

She or he is your spiritual father and you need to send him thank or send him a gift. To say thank you for the good work.

Thank you pastor quotes

As you plan as a church to appreciate your pastor you too as in  individual can find a way to show your pastor an appreciation.

Imagine one day during the sermon you pastor calls your by your name and recognizes the recent card you send him during the appreciation day.

During my pastoral work have noticed that and want to encourage you to do the same.

It is the small things we do that matters.

Sometimes you might sit back and wait to be told what to but if you can make a choice to do something instead of waiting you will realize that you have created a difference.

Like now you pick the quotes below here and send them together with a card to your pastor.

My reason of sharing them with you is to find it easy for you to pick them and share with your pastor instead of hoping from one site to another looking for quotes to share.

thank you pastor for your service

We love you pastor and appreciate your work always

  • We pray to our heavenly father to give you more years to live to see your fully potential fulfilled
  • May you and your family live to enjoy the gift of life the Lord has given you
  • Stand still and let the Lord is mercies be manifested
  • Do not be anxious but by prayer and supplication make your request be known to God Always
  • Call unto me and i will show you great and unsearchable things you don't know says the Lord.
  • I know the plan that I have for you..says the Lord (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • I will always appreciate you pastor for the wonderful work you do of inspiring and guiding us to the principles of God, may the love of God be upon you always as you serve in His vineyard.Stay blessed.
  • I appreciate you pastor for the encouraging verse you send me Every day, May God bless you abundantly 
  • Thank you pastor for finding time to come and grace the occasion when our son Jayden  was graduating, your presence and the sermon you have was encouraging and motivating too. As a family we appreciate  your service and God bless you.

There are several ways in which you can appreciate your pastor but the most important thing that you can always is to pray for him or her.

whenever you kneel down to thank God for His goodness in your life. Remember pastor in your prayers because of the heavy work he is doing on behalf of the Lord in this world.

If you plan to send a card to your pastor. Here is a poem that you can insert in that Card.

  • When i wake in the morning
  • I always pray for you pastor
  • Be blessed always.
  • thank you to pastor
  • thank you pastor to let us use your church,May God bless you always
  • God shall lead from one glory to another 
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how to say thanks to a pastor

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for accepting to come and pray with us recently,we were so happy to see you come and may the good Lord bless you and your ministry.

Since you joined our church,  my life has changed for the better, the Holy Spirit  has used you to talk to my heart and have realized the importance of having a good relationship with my maker.  I take this opportunity to say thank you and May our heavenly  Father  continue using you do that you can reach others who are like me and need help. God bless you pastor

  • Thank you pastor for visiting me in the hospital to pray with me after undergoing surgery to remove a tumor in my stomach, your word of encouragement you shared with me from the word of God is still fresh and ringing in my head up today. Thank you pastor for coming and God bless you for the good work you are doing in blessing us
  • Thank you pastor for being their for when I was going through tough time of my life, they were my low moments when I only saw darkness in my eyes, you took your precious time to counsel and pray with me for God to open my eyes to see the good plan He has for my life. Going through a divorce is not something easy. God sent you to my life for a reason.
  • Thank you for finding time to come and preach during funeral of my aunt, our family needed a word of comfort and God used you in timely manner to bring it home. We really appreciate for your coming and God bless you pastor for the good work you are doing.
  • Pastor, I was overwhelmed by joy to see you coming to the hospital to pray with us when my son Joe was born, your word of comfort came at the time when I needed it most, I felt like the pain had disappeared as you were speaking, the prayers you offered brought healing to my body. Thank you pastor and God bless you
  • On behalf of myself and my family, I want to take this earliest opportunity to say thank you for the prayers you offered to our son who was proceeding for further studies, he has settled and now adopting to the new environment, we appreciate and thank you very much for the wonderful work you are doing of serving us and leading all of us to Christ, May the good Lord keep you in perfect peace as you do the work that God called you to do, we ask you to keep praying for our son and God bless you always. Thank you pastor

Thanking a pastor

You have always nice things to say about your pastor that can make him to know that you appreciate and you are even praying for him.

You can say this...

Pastor, thank you always for your word that the Lord inspires you with

Every Sunday when you stand to speak I feel some energy running through and guess it is the Holy Spirit speaking to me. Your word and the way you arranges the sermon  really touches me so much, my prayer is that. May our good Lord keep using you as you share with us messages that come from heaven. God bless you pastor 

good words to thank your spiritual father

Below are the sample message to your pastor to greet him

appreciating your pastor with words is easy when you use our page which is full of words of appreciation for a pastor and also you send thank you for being my spiritual father letter as a show of appreciation

Here are the good words to thank your spiritual father.

  • Let me take this opportunity the Lord has granted to me to wish you long life and much blessings from the Lord.
  • May the good Lord continue revealing more and more so that you can keep uplifting our souls till eternity.
  • Stay blessed always through the love of God as you feed the sheep that the Lord has bestowed upon your care.
  • Through the mercies of our Lord Jesus. I want to take this opportunity  to say thank for the word and prayer that you offer regularly in Jesus. We pray to our heavenly God to keep on filling you with wisdom and knowledge to keep performing the duties that you have been called to do. May God bless you and your family.
  • It is my sincere prayer as am writing this message that our loving God can keep your heart in perfect peace as you minister to the people He has put under your care and May you lead them with a skillful heart as David did in the Bible. We are praying for you 
  • Thank you pastor for card that I received recently, it was a surprise  to me seeing my pastor remembering to wish me happy New Year when the rest didn't,  you have made me to rethink concerning spiritual matters and want to say thank you for the card and the message. God bless you for the good work you are doing of nourishing us. Thank you very much
  • I thank God for His love and care. I feel blessed when I listen to your sermons,  I thank God always for this provision.

Thank you pastor for your preaching

The following appreciation quotes can be share as a thank you to your pastor for the preaching in church.

  • Let me take this opportunity to thank God for the gift of life and want to praise His name for using you in the mighty way today during the sermon.
  • I want to thank God for the Holy spirit that used you today to give us a great sermon that uplifted our spirits.Stay blessed always pastor.
  • Let me take this earliest opportunity to extend my sincere appreciation for the wonderful sermon that the Lord has delivered to us through you, may the good Lord continue using you Mightly whenever you shall be in spreading the message of the kingdom. Thank you and God bless you
  • On behalf of our church, I want to extend this appreciation message to you and thank you for honoring the call to come and preach to us, we were happy and blessed by the way you delivered the word. God bless you
  • Thank you for last s Sunday sermon, the topic was touching and as you were preaching a certain voice was pushing me from the inside concerning the message, I thank God that through the message you preached am ready now to give my life to Jesus. Thank you for the message pastor.
  • I'm grateful pastor for your preaching every week, I always look forward to the sermons because they are refreshing and enriching, have always made sure that have recorded  them to listen in the office, my colleagues heard me listening and got interested of which I have them to listen. Thank God one of the has made a decision to come for a fellowship this coming Sunday  and we thank God for everything. 
  • I always thank God for having you as our pastor,  your sermons always speaks to me and since I started listening to you my life has changed for the better, I now feel closer to God than before,  thank you pastor for allowing God to use to impact lives.
  • It was nice listening your sermons through YouTube despite the distance  have managed to keep up to date of what is happening in my mother church, pastor I always follow you and thank you for keeping technology  as the driver in delivering the message far and wide. Keep up the good work you are doing. God bless you very much 

Thank you letter to pastor for preaching

Below is a thank you letter to pastor for preaching sample to have a look at.

Dear Pastor,

Let me take this opportunity to thank our heavenly father for wonderful love that have shown to us. We want to thank Him for the grace and love He has for us.

I'm writing this letter to thank you for thrilling sermon that you gave today during the divine hour, you uplifted my soul and felt connected to heavenly gates. May God bless you and continue revealing to you more messages to bring to us.

God bless your family and the church at large,

Thank you

From_______________(instert your name here)

Find a page for letter of appreciation to a pastor that can help you

sample words of appreciation for pastors

You can find these sample words of appreciation for pastors helpful as you prepare for the occasion.

The words can also be used to appreciate your pastor every now and then

Here are the words to describe a pastor...

"Let me appreciate pastor for your prayers, I know you always pray for me and may God bless you very much"

"I really appreciate for the encouraging verse that you sent to me, It really touched me because it was timely and to the the point"

Find more by visiting words of appreciation to pastor page for a full page of appreciation words

 Thank you message to my pastor for attending my birthday party

Here is a  Thank you message to my pastor for attending my birthday party  to send to your pastor.

  • I just want to write to express my heartfelt thank you for coming to my birthday, It was a such wonderful moment to see your presence and the word you gave was such a blessing to me. May God bless you and keep you strong as you serve us always.

Thank you and God bless you.

  • On behalf of our family, we take this precious moments to thank you pastor  for gracing the birthday party of my brother Don, all of us were overwhelmed  with gladness listening to you as you cracked biblical joked aligned to the word of God. May our good Lord be with you always and once more as a family we say thank you.
  • Thank you man of God despite the short notice I have you to come and speak during the birthday ceremony of my son, you saw it well and honored it, as a family we were very much happy for your coming and May our good Lord bless you and always meet you at the point of need.
  • I'm grateful pastor for finding time to come and share with us the word of God in spite of your busy schedule. Our family was happy for your coming and we appreciate a lot, your presence made the birthday occasion lively because majority were excited to see you.

I lack words to express myself about but I just want to say thank you my spiritual father for the word and encouragement that you give us, I pray to our heavenly Father to bless you and your family and also meet your needs according to the richness in Glory. God bless you always.

Thank you pastor for your leadership

Below are the thank you pastor for your leadership quotes and thank you letter(click this link for the letter):

Thank you pastor for your leadership

  • I want to take this opportunity to thank the heavenly Father for the wonderful love and the ability given to you to guide our church
  • Pastor, the way you lead and guide the church has made the membership to grow in bounds from one glory to glory. We always thank God for His goodness that He has showed our church.
  • Let me take this opportunity to thank you for showing good leadership when it is needed. You have guided our church to reach where it is today because you depend on God always before making any decision. Keep up with the same spirit always. We love you pastor and are praying for you
  • Thank you for guiding and showing us the way to internal life,  it's through you that have learn the salvation way, I thank God for leading me to this church where the truth is preached. I praise  God for the opportunity given to me to learn of Him. Pastor thank you for the leadership you given this church. God bless you.
  • Since I joined this church my life has changed for the better, have never felt at home like I feel now, thank you pastor for your leadership style ,May God bless and add you more knowledge and skills to guide the church to greater heights. I'm praying for you and pray for me too. Thank you pastor for what you have done to me

Find specific example notes by clicking on this link thank you note to pastor for appreciation

appreciation words for pastor

I take this precious moments that the Lord has given me to thank you for the wonderful service that you conducted last Sunday,the message that you spoke really touched,I kept asking myself,what timely it is for me to be here,I know the Lord had a purpose and may He keep on revealing to you more as you share with us,am praying for you and God bless you Pastor.

appreciation message for pastor

Hello Servant of God, 

What a joy from my heart to hold my breath in prayer as I send you this message hoping you are doing well.It was nice seeing you coming to our house to pray for us when my Dad was unwell,together as a family we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and tell you that we appreciate a lot. We are praying to our good Lord to keep you in perfect peace as you serve Him in the vineyard. Keep up with the good spirit and always reach out to many as you comfort us.Thank you and God bless.

From Lilian,your church member

pastor appreciation message

Am penning this message with so much gratitude from my heart,as I'm writing the words of Paul that he wrote to the Thessalonians are still ringing in my mind, when wrote saying, in everything give thanks to the Lord, I just want to echo the same and say thank you pastor for always praying for us,visiting us and above all providing our heavenly bread every Sunday,we appreciate and always pray to our good Lord to keep you in perfect peace as you serve us.


Greetings in Jesus name.

Let me take this wonderful opportunity to thank my father who is in heaven for allowing me to be a member in your church,  for the period have been there have learn many things from you, your encouragement and words of wisdom is out of this world. I always wish when the next service will so that can come learn the word of God as shared by you. God bless you pastor for the good work you are doing in spreading the good news of the kingdom.

Thank you pastor for your prayers letter page

thank you letter to church pastor

thank you for coming to our church service

Pastor, I don't how much we can say thank you, we were overwhelmed with joy to see you coming to fellowship with us during today's service , we appreciate and God bless you so much

thank you letter to church for wedding

thank you letter to church volunteers

church thank you letter for donation

thank you from pastor to church

Greetings in Jesus name.

I hope all of you are doing well in the Lord. On behalf of my family and myself I want to extend our gratitude to all of you for coming together and giving each one of you a gift during the pastor appreciation day. More particularly myself am very much grateful for what you did. This gesture will always remain in my memory wherever I shall be. Just be sure that you are in my prayers always . Thank you and God bless you always. Looking forward seeing you soon

thank you letter to church congregation

thank you to church members

thank you letter to church family

thank you letter to church members after funeral

Pastor thank you messages

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