Thank You Pastor Poems

Thank you pastor poems and thank you poems for pastors that includes poems to say thank you, poems for pastors, poems for pastor appreciation

 and poems for appreciation and thank you quotes for a pastor,poem pastor mentoring and thank pastor prayers for guidance.

Poems for appreciation to express gratitude and appreciation for your pastor.
As your spiritual leader and guide you need to make him happy and appreciate the wonderful work he is doing to you.

Find original poems that you can use to thank your pastor for the work he is doing of nurturing you spiritually in the journey of your spirituality.

Thank You Pastor Poems

One way of making him happy and also surprising him is to send him a poem. To make it best you can write it using your own handwriting and send to him or her.

Also you can scribble the poem in a thank you card poem that can be send to him or her.
Just imagine how he will appreciate for what you have done to him and more sore you sending the thank you card for the selfless work he is doing.

Our pastors do a lot of work which need to be appreciated a lot. We need say thank you all the time because of what they are doing.

Below you will find original thank you pastor poems that you can dedicate to your pastors to make them happy and to always remember you for that.

It is very rare for someone to remember you and come back and say thank you.

Take this opportunity and say thank you pastor by sending him a poem. It is not the poem only that you can send but there several ways that you can say thank you pastor.

You can send him or her quote, sentiment or a thank you note wording and other several ways to say thank you.

We want to say all the best as you thank your pastor.And remember to say thank you pastor for a word in season and out of season.

To give you an idea. You can start your poem as:- poem pastor mentoring

Thank You Pastor Poems

We cherish you pastor

Thank you pastor for your love

for your love that you show us always

we praise and glorify God

because of you


you have remained a blessing

to you and we thank God for that

we always look forward to your

great sermons every Sunday

you always blesses us

I can remember one of your sermons

Entitled the prodigal son

It was an enriching sermons

That members have remained not to forget

What a gift that you have


Nobody has ever complained about you

You always care for us

You always smile to us

You don’t pass anybody without a greeting

What a lovely pastor you are


Whenever I pass

I see people talking in small tones

While smiling to each

When you inquire

They are overwhelmed by your kindness

You are so lovely to the church members


We pray to our heavenly father

To continue blessing you and may the blessings

That are mentioned in the book of

Deuteronomy chapter 28 starting from verses one

Moving down to verses fifteen always be upon


May the follow you for the rest of your life

Because you have made a decision to trust in the Lord

And through you we are enjoying and having a lot

We praise the Lord to always give you more

Than you can imagine


May you family be blessed and may the live

To see your kind of work extend into the whole world

Thank you pastor and God bless you

More of Thank you pastor poems and a thank you quotes for a pastor

Thank you pastor for helping me

Thank you pastor

Thank you pastor for your self less work,
For your spiritual guidance,
Your caring heart....

I love you my pastor

Thank you pastor
Thank you because of what you do
You care for us
Your thoughtful sermons
Your guidance
Will always be remembered
Thanks a lot
For all that you do

Here is also thank you pastor poems below here.......

I'm grateful pastor

Am grateful pastor
Am grateful for being my pastor
Thank you very much for what you are doing
Thank you for the spiritual food
Spiritual food that you give us
Thanks a lot

Thank you for counseling you gives
You always inspire us a lot
We are happy having you
Having you as our pastor
Thanks a lot

More of the Thank you pastor poems

Below is a poem that you can insert in the card, email or anywhere as you celebrate together the pastor appreciation day or sometimes you can send it to appreciate your pastor for being your spiritual father or daddy.

When I look at the mirror
Hello my pastor
I take this time that the Lord has given me
To say thank you in a very special way
Thank you for your care and may you live
Long to help me
I want to specifically thank you
For listening to me
Thank you for giving a shoulder to lean on
Thank you for accepting to give me guidance
I thank the Lord for using you
To bless me
You solutions that the Lord gave you
Really helped me
And now I feel relieved
Thank you pastor
Amy you love long
To help many because you
Have a rare gift
Thank you once again
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Thank You Pastor Poems

Below is a poem that talks about 'what my pastor means to me'. You can share it with your pastor during this appreciation day in the church.

what my pastor means to me

what my pastor means to me

When I peep through the window in the morning,

I realize that another day is here,

The day that the Lord has given me

To praise and glorify Him

Lat service it was wow,

The Lord spoke to me,

He ministered to me,

The word was very much uplifting,

I always praise My God,

For the wonderful love shown to me,

He raises the servants,

Who serves in His vineyard

Want to Thank my God for 

what my pastor means to me

May he live forever

Look at this quote about pastor that is from the bible

sentiment to a retiring church servant

When the servant of the Lord is retiring after a good service to the church and serving the Lord in the church in whichever capacity.

As a way of showing appreciation to the servant of the Lord. One can be called to say a good sentiment a show of Love.

  • Thank you our brother_________________ for the wonderful years you have been with us in this church and the good time you took to serve of the Lord. As you reflect upon the years and look back to your active years. Now is good time to take a rest and make use of your remaining years that the Lord has given you.

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