application letter for the post of a chorister

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application letter for the post of a chorister$9.75

application letter for the post of a chorister


Greetings in Jesus name.

In response to the announcement that was made in church on date...... for the position of a church chorister, I want to apply and be considered for the same.

Have been practicing singing since was young and at one time I stepped in for the church chorister who is at the time.

The response I got after the service was positive and that  encouraged me to want to be the church chorister.

Have been praying to God to give me a chance to chorister the church and when the vacancy, I saw it as an answered prayer.

I hope you will consider me for this position, waiting to here from you soon.

Yours in the Lord

application letter for the post of a chorister

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Subject: Application for the Position of a Chorister

Dear [Choir Authority's Name],

I am writing this letter to formally apply for the position of chorister in your esteemed choir. It is a role that I have been practicing for, and keenly interest to engage me fully in a service that combines both my deep-rooted passion and devotion to music and worship.

For years, I have found solace and joy in the harmonious tunes of hymnal melodies, both as a listener and an enthusiast. From my earliest memories, I have naturally gravitated towards music, feeling the rhythm of each tune in my soul, and connecting with the essence of its message. Now, I am eager to express my love for music by being a part of your respected choir.

My experiences have further honed my versatility in music. I have been performing as a vocalist for several years, involved in various musical groups. In my school days, I was a valued member of our school chorus where I gained significant experience in performing in a large ensemble, developed sight-singing and ear training skills, and understood the intricacies involved in balancing and blending my vocals with the group. Furthermore, I have taken vocal lessons to diversify and hone my range.

Being a chorister is not merely being a part of a choir but it's a commitment to serve, a service that requires dedication, time, and effort. Volunteering at local community centers and being an active participant in the music committee of my previous church, has helped me experience the dedication needed in a leadership role. I am organized, highly motivated, and I understand the importance of consistency and regularity in rehearsals and performances.

Furthermore, my academic background in Music and Theology has enriched me with significant knowledge of liturgical music concepts. I am adept at reading and interpreting sheet music, conducting impromptu harmonies, and am knowledgeable in multiple genres of sacred music. These experiences have strengthened my interpretative and musical skills, and I am certain that they would be an asset to your musical team.

I also acknowledge the importance of spiritual responsibility that comes with this role. I believe that being a chorister is not just about singing, but also leading the congregation into worship. I am passionate about fundamental doctrines of Christian faith and eager to convey those principles through uplifting songs.

In addition, I am comfortable working in a multicultural, multi-generational setting, and  CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL LETTER

application letter for the post of a chorister

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