church anniversary closing prayer

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This example of prayer can be used as a closing prayer after celebrating your church anniversary in the church.

Our heavenly Father,allow us to thank you for the wonderful love that you have shown to us at this hour, we asked you to guide us and be with us till we finish and can happily say that the day has been successful because of your mercies,
we want to thank you for the love that we shared today here with our dears brothers and sisters who traveled from far and wide to come and witness this historic event in our church that happens once a year, we can all testify that Lord you been faithful to us that we have laughed together,uplifted each other and above all given glory to you,
We want to pray that the word of faith that has been planted in our hearts today through the faith filled activities maybe it germinate and produce the results that is in line with the purpose you had intended to each and everyone of us.
As we walk out of this compound,place go with us and keep reminding us of your love, this anniversary has served as a reminder to each and everyone of us, bind us with love that can never be broken,
Be with us,protect , guide and shower us with much blessings to all that came to grace this anniversary in our church,
Thank you God for hearing and answering our prayers.

church anniversary closing prayer

Our Almighty God and our redeemer,we come before you through the name of Jesus,
Let us thank you for the privilege of being able to share this time together as brethren in Christ who came to our church for this anniversary we have had today,
Thank you for all who made it possible for this day to go well, we have coordinated well,right from organizing committee to the speakers of the day,
Thank you for your amazing word and the opportunity to learn of you, we have gained new knowledge through the various enriching activities that we have had since we began this program of the day,
Help our hearts Lord to carry this revelations to the new levels of our lives,may it deeply impact our lives and those who we love, let the the relationship and the stone of love that we have laid here today continue ,
Thank you Lord for your love, we pray and believe in the name of our Lord Jesus

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