Church harvest invitation letter

Here is the Church harvest invitation letter that you can download to help do the invitation towards the occasion that is going to take place in the church.

This is that period of the year, when members bring the harvest to the Lord for thanksgiving.

Below you can be able to download the letter that can help you do the invitation towards the occasion.

The letter is in PDF, and can only do few modification here and there but the letter in entirety can be copied and pasted.

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Church harvest invitation letter$10.99

Church harvest invitation letter

Dear (Recipient)

Greetings in Jesus name!

I'm writing this letter on behalf of the pastor and church board, as you are aware during this month of September and October is a time when we bring the harvest to the Lord for thanksgiving.

We take this earliest opportunity to welcome you to come to church with the harvest that the Lord has given and as the word of God says, the Lord loves a cheerful giver, and we should give from the heart.

It is our sincere prayer that you take this time to examine and see how much the Lord has blessed you.

Church harvest invitation letter

Church harvest invitation letter

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