Farewell from the church

Here is the farewell from the church through messages, speeches, words, poems, sayings to the outgoing pastor who has served you well.

This is a special occasion in your church as you bid bye to your pastor and you need to show him or her that you really loved being with him or her.

Our mission or purpose is to help you find the right way to make this happen. We do that by providing you with right words to put in your messages, speeches and even poems.

Let us have a look at the samples below here

sample farewell speech for a pastor

Greetings in Jesus  name..

I want to take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for allowing me to give this farewell speech to a pastor who has come to be part of me,I felt bad from my heart when I heard that he is leaving.

If I got power to stop him from leaving I would but now I only allow the will of God to be done, when I read from the book of Romans 8:28 I find solace because the Bible comforts me by reminding us that everything happens and works for the good of all that love the Lord.

I want to say to our pastor who is leaving that you have left a legacy that no one has ever matched with, your dedication and love for the work of the Lord was from another world.

Everyone here is happy for you and we pray that our Lord who is in heaven will continue to fill you with much wisdom and knowledge so that wherever you are going will continue with the same mantra.

May God bless you and your family abundantly.

saying farewell to a pastor

Let me take this opportunity to wish our outgoing pastor well and we pray that wherever he shall be even the new work station, let him not forget us because us we shall not. We assure you that we are going to keep in touch and pray for you always.

farewell from the church

farewell to pastor quotes

We miss you and love you so much pastor.

Your work and dedication to our church was from another world and we praise God for that

farewell speech to congregation from an outgoing pastor

what to say to a pastor who is leaving

sample farewell speech for a pastor

saying farewell to a pastor

farewell to pastor quotes

farewell speech to congregation

farewell speech pastor leaving

farewell to pastor poem

what to say to a pastor who is leaving

pastor farewell message

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