Fellowship church welcome

Here is a fellowship church welcome speech for the congregation

If you have been asked to do a welcome for a fellowship and you don't where to begin or you have never given one before.

You will find our help below here, we have prepared sample for you to have a look at.

fellowship church welcome

Our church pastor and the first lady, invited guests present and my fellow church members who have come to fellowship today.

I greet you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Thank you once again for allowing me to welcome you today’s fellowship that is going to be conducted by our church pastor.

It is because of the grace of God that we have seen this day.

Before pastor stand to share the word of God and allow me also to point out few things that will enable us to keep on sharing the love of God.

First if this is your first time you  fellowship with us. Let me take this chance on behalf of the church and myself. To welcome you in a special way to our caring church that shares the love of God. We love visitors and adore you very much.

As we have always done before. We have gifts for you that you will be handed over by our church ushers as the service ends.

Ushers hope you will be near our visitors and make sure they feel at home and Jesus feet too.

Another thing to our visitors is that we would love to keep in touch with you once you leave here. The bulletin has a form you can fill and leave us with your contacts so that the church clerk can keep it for our future connection with you.

Members who are seated near our visitors please shake their hands and welcome them with Jesus style as they feel warm being present in this fellowship.

Finally church members, always remember to pray for one another as we have been doing.

Those who have always participated in this exercise understand the benefit and want to urge the whole congregation to make a point of joining too.

When we pray for each other the blessings of the Lord shall flow to us and also shall keep the devil at bay.

Prayers is the only weapon we have of stopping the evil activities the devil as planned to our lives. Therefore pray without ceasing as the bible says.

Let us now open our song book and sing from number____ as we welcome our church pastor to give us the word of God that the Lord has given him this day.

Now let the first lady of this church stand and greet us then pastor can speak.

Fellowship church welcome

What a wonderful day that the Lord has given us to congregate here in His house to seek for His face.


The week has been long with so many activities but we thank the Lord for enabling us to finish well and now we are here to raise our voices with gladness in our hearts.

When you look back you can see the hand of God in every spec of your life.

Therefore I take this time to welcome every one of us whom God has touched to come and worship together with us as we thank Him today.

Let us not forget to pray for one another because there is power in prayers.

Feel at Jesus and may the good Lord be with you through the service of the day.

Thank you for visiting our page, hope we have been of help to you to prepare for the occasion. May our good Lord be with you as you fellowship together

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