Funny church welcome speech

Looking for a funny church welcome speech?

Welcome to our page, below is a sample speech that can help you during the occasion in the church

We believe that you are looking for a speech that is funny and will make people laugh when you are welcoming them.

To be sincere and honest no one plans to get funny more so in the church setting, simply because of the mood of people or those who have come to worship.

But there are things you can say and make people love, unless you are a comedian it is very difficult to crack a joke that will make the congregation laugh.

Even though that is the situation, you can still be funny and that is why this page is there for.

We want to give you a welcome speech that is funny and when you are going to read to the congregation they will be left with stitches.

Don't worry even if it is your first time,we are sure you are going to do well, your presentation will be awesome.

Funny church welcome speech

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,good morning,

Hey brethren, I can now connect why the donkey spoke when Balaam got furious, Do we need the donkey to talk for us to say Amen,

Well that aside,

Let me take this opportunity to welcome each and every one of you to our service this morning and we want to thank our Father for allowing us to be here this morning.

Feel welcome and at Jesus feet at all times.

We hope the above speech has served you well and now you are ready to deliver it to the occasion in the church.

Sometimes you might have wanted the speech to include more that you had in mind.

We now welcome you to contact us and give us more details that you want to be included in the speech.

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We have also produced an high end step by step ebook,which shall guide you right from brainstorming for a speech,writing it and delivering it in church.

Get this ebook and take your time to read it, you will be able to write a speech from scratch and include funny materials inside that will make the congregation laugh during the occasion and be happy too.

If you are interested in being able to write then,click this link,how to write and deliver a church speech.

Otherwise we want to wish you all the best as you plan to deliver a speech in the church during the welcoming and may the Holy Spirit be with you.

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