happy new year church

Looking for happy new year church ideas to help your church as you plan for the day in church. Look at some of the ideas that we have given below here.

Look at some of the ideas we have below here to help you plan and prepare for the new year in your church.

happy new year church speech

Greetings in Jesus name!

I'm humbled through the mercies of Jesus to stand before you at this hour that the Lord has given me.

Let me take this precious moments to thank the Almighty Father God for enabling us to be a live and see this year come to an end.

The years had been long, full of ups and down but our God is good and has seen us through it.

As we congregate here we want to echo the word of Paul that were it not for God where would have, we are here because of the grace of God and we shall make through the coming year through His mercies.

We know that His goodness will forever follow us for the rest of our lives.

As a church let us always learn to trust God and His promises, let it be our goal that this coming here we shall have it a priority that in everything as members of this church, we shall depend on God for guidance and protection.

Let study of His word dominate our lives as we all as prayer, we can put final touches through ministering and fellow-shipping together so that encouragement will forever rule our hearts.

I will end here this speech by saying happy new year and let the love of God dwell in our hearts forever.

Peace Shallom.

happy new year church

I want to thank my God in heaven for making it possible for us to be great friends, let me wish you happy and prosperous new year.

May our heavenly God bless you and your family to see more abundant years a head as you serve the purpose that God created you for,I'm wishing you happy and prosperous new year fully of love.

happy new year church

Happy new year church, we want to thank our heavenly Father for the far He has brought us and we pray that He will take care of us this year that we have started. We honor and give Him glory forever because He is good always.

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