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inspirational poem to church usher samples


My calling from the Lord

Jeremiah chapter one verse five

assures the purpose from the Lord

It makes it clear what the Lord want from me

to be at His serve

As an Usher I'm called by the Lord

To take His word to the four corners

of the world

Let me praise the Lord today because of the Love

The Lord Has great plans for me

And I believe in His word

because it is life and spirit

Thank you Lord because you

are watching over it Lord

Let me praise you father.

This is the best service I'm doing in the church

of the Lord,

Let me welcome all of you to enjoy the blessings

of the Lord today

Thank you,

As this Usher day is approaching nothing can make someone a part from this inspirational poem to church usher.

I picked this poem from the bible because I believe that the bible is inspired by the Lord and it is spirit and life to us who believe.

This is a prayer of Moses to the Lord and you can have a look at the inspired word that the servant of God is using.

You know Moses was called to guide the children of Israel the same role that the ushers are playing in the Church.

As a church we need to appreciate the role that the ushers are playing so that we can make the work of the Lord effective always.

Starting from pastor’s office to the clerk and deacon department we need to appreciate all the departments and as church members it is our part to always send thank you and appreciation poems to the leaders that have been appointed in the church to take care of the business of the Lord in our churches.

inspirational poem to church usher

Look at this inspirational poem to church usher:


Every morning when you wake

Several questions lingers your mind

What is a head of me?

But you remember that God is with you.


What a joy in the heart to start the day with God

God never fails

He is always faithful

He will guide and protect you from any harm,

In the hands of God,

You have surety of life

God is always with you,


As you walk on the road,

Your lips is full of praises

You praise God from your heart

Because He deserves to be praised

Who is like our God


Just as the day comes to an end

You have a reason to smile

The Lord has kept the promise

He has protected you from any danger

Now as you retire to your bed

You know God is with you,

Who is like our God


Just as life it is

God knows from the beginning to the end

He knows what you need and supply it at the point of need

You can trust that He shall provide

And for sure God shall give


He lives forever,

And endures forever

He is a good Lord and shall always

Be with us.

This is an inspirational poem to church usher.


With the Lord on your side who shall be against you

Nobody shall touch you

The Lord is your refuge,

He is always with you

No matter the circumstances

You shall always overcome it


He knew you before you were formed in the mother’s womb

He gave you a purpose to do on earth

Do it with your whole heart

Knowing that God shall never leave you nor forsake you

He is faithful to whatever He does

Our Lord is good,


Nobody can replace the work that God set you aside to do,

Your calling is special,

Your position us irreplaceable

Don’t give up doing good,

God is pleased by your sacrifices,


His love shall always follow

Wherever you shall go

He will always be with you

Trust in His goodness because He is with you always,

He shall bless whatever you touch

He is a good Lord.

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The day to encourage the church ushers is fast approaching and you need to find good and wonderful words that you can share with the church ushers.

Here is some of them

I take this opportunity to thank our heavenly Father for making it possible for us to have this day, as we celebrate this day together we know that the Lord has been faithful to us and we also thank Him for using you mightily in the work that He has placed in your hands, continue praying to Him as we also pray for you so that you can filling you with wisdom and knowledge to serve in the work given you.


It is God who dictates our lives,

Nobody else,

He created you for a purpose

To bring glory unto Him,


Do you wake each day feeling empty?

Is your life stuck somewhere?

Then you need to connect with God,

God is stretching the hand,

He need you

He want to use today,


You are very special in life,

You have a gift,

A special gift that the world needs,

Only God to direct your path


Be happy now,

The Lord is with you,

Shall guide you always,

He never fails,

He is faithful

God is caring,

Be blessed through Him,


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