Love feast fellowship in church

Here is how to prepare for love feast fellowship in church including welcome speeches,invitation letters and so on

The love feast is with us once again when we remember what Christ did while on earth as a human being.

It is a period when we share love(Agape love) actually the other name for the love feast is Agape meal.

Below here are some information that can help you as you prepare for the occasion in Church, we have a welcome speech that you can use to invite the members to participate in the Love feast or the Agape meal and we also have the invitation letters to help you send our 

welcome speech for love feast

Greeting in the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus!

It is a great honor to stand before you at this hour during this occasion to welcome you to our love feast, it is a time that we remember the goodness of the Lord and why He commanded us to love one another.

As we share this meal, let it me a reminder that Christianity is a sacrifice and God want us to love each other unconditionaly.

when we read in the book of Acts 2:46–47 which say... Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.

The early church met daily and ate together as a sign of love and together and they never pretended like people of this time. They did everything with gladness and sincerity from their hearts.

This is an awaking call to all of us who are participating in this Agape love that we do it from our hearts and if there is anything that we have kept that can prevent us from partaking, let us search our hearts and give it to the Lord and shall be forgiven.

Let the love of God flow down through our hearts to others as we share the meal.

Feel welcome and may the Holy Spirit guide and bind us together during this day.God bless you all

love feast fellowship in church

Invitation letter to a love feast

Agape Love Ministry

12345 love street



invitation to a love feast

On behalf of the Church, I want to take this precious opportunity to invite you to our Agape meal get together that will be held in our church on Sunday 20th this month of April. 

You are going to be one of our guests and look forward to your coming as we share the love of God together.

God bless you as you prepare to fellowship with us

Love feat prayer

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