message on pastor appreciation day

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message on pastor appreciation day

I want to join the rest of the church members in wishing you a happy appreciation day as you celebrate many years on earth.  It has been a long journey to reach where you are today, you have gone through ups and downs  of life but the Lord has been faithful to you, we want to pray that may our good Lord in heaven use you mightily to fulfill the purpose He gave you to accomplish on earth, as you mark your years today, we assure yo that we are praying for you and our God is with you always. Be blessed always 

Greetings my Pastor, let me join the rest of the members in sending you this appreciation message to thank you for the good work you are doing in our church, I pray that our good Lord will give you more years so that you can serve us. God bless you

message on pastor appreciation day

Happy Birthday Pastor, today is a wonderful day in your life, a day that you remember the goodness of the Lord and the many things He has done to your life, I want to join others who are wishing you happy birthday as you add another year in your life, we know that the good Lord has good plans for you and it's our prayer that may He keep revealing to you more of His will as you minister to many, Happy appreciation day pastor.

message on pastor appreciation day

  • The Lord is good always. As you celebrate another year that God has granted you in your life, may His mercies that he has promised to renew every morning in the book of lamentation follow you for rest of your life, happy appreciation day pastor 
  • Dear pastor, you always inspire me as you celebrate your this day, May our good Lord be with you and grant you more years to see many things He has prepared at His table. Happy appreciation pastor.
  • Today is a special day, a day I will never forget in my life, a day when blessings are flowing all over from the kingdom of God  to our favorite pastor who is celebrating his birthday today, happy appreciation day pastor.

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