occasion for usher anniversary

Here are the occasion for usher anniversary ideas for the event in the church.

Usher department is a special one in any church which is the body of Christ. You will always find it depended on with other units of the church because it is the area which make the whole church to smile.

Without this department the church will appear dull and will lack the purpose it was called to serve on behalf of Christ here on earth.

As you mark this day specially for the Ushers to acknowledge the work and the dedication they have committed to the work of the Lord,we praise our heavenly father for wonderful provision He has provided us with.


To make this day of the usher anniversary a wonderful one. As a church you can buy a special gift to each and every usher of the church and surprise them during the service.

As a show of appreciation you will make them feel that whatever they are doing on behalf of the Lord is not in vain. The church is appreciating them.


You can brainstorm and come up with this idea where you can have a big card and paste it at th door of the church. Let every church member as he or she goes out after the service to scribble a signature as a show of appreciation.

You can also encourage member to put an encouraging verse to say thank you to the ushers for the wonderful work they are doing on behalf of the Lord on earth.


During this day you can organize and invite the usher department of the nearest church to come and celebrate with you this day. They can grace the occasion and make it a wonderful one.

You can have music speeches and even allow one of them to preach the sermon during this anniversary. This will be a memorable day that all of you will always look forward to as a church.

This poem sums up everything we need to know about the occasion for usher anniversary.


You can select carefully different types of gifts that the ushers in your church love and you can do this by sampling and doing the research.

Ask the people who are close to the ushers what they love and match the interest with the gifts. The gifts can range from the foodstuffs to clothes just work within the budget allocated while making their hearts to merry...

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occasion for usher anniversary

The usher department can come up with the theme that shall guide the anniversary celebration.

Remember each year is a unique year and therefore thorough consideration should be taken.

The best way is to come up with a committee that shall deliberate on the issues.

Let them come up with a biblical theme then float it to the members of the church to vote.

Then afterwards use it to organize the activities of the day.

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