opening prayer for pastor anniversary

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opening prayer for pastor anniversary

Our dear loving for who created us, we want to take this opportunity you have given us today here as we begin this celebration in our church, we praise and glorify you for your love.

Your mercies has guided us from far and wide and we are all here to remember a special person in this church whom you anointed and gave him responsibilities of guiding,nourishing,teaching and preaching your word to us.

We want to thank you because through him, you have always spoken your word with love and he has delivered it well.

Everyone in our church is very thankful for the many things you are doing to us though him, the counseling sessions he always conducts to the members it is because of your grace.

He has surrendered fully to your service and use him mightily to bless many who are yearning to hear your word not only in our church but in many parts of the word where you will send him.

As a church we want to pray for his health so that you can protect him for any attack of the devil and above all be with him when he comes in and when he goes out.

We have so much joy in our hearts today as we look back and remember the many years he has been with us, we can only think that he has joined us today but we can't imagine that it is ___(insert the years) years since he joined us.

As we share this love with the many people who came here today, may the Holy spirit teach us what is your will and the angels continue ministering to us until we finish for we pray in the name of Jesus Christ,


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