pastor and wife anniversary welcome

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We presume this is your first time that you are going to do a welcome for the anniversary of your pastor and his wife which is organized by the church.

You are here because you needed help on how to go about.

We promise to help you get ready for the occasion. In our page here we have an example of the speech that you can give during the occasion and also we have information that can guide and prepare for the occasion.

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First let us have the sample speech that will help during the event.

Remember this is just a sample and we have written in to show you how a pastor and wife anniversary welcome speech looks like.

If you want one that has got specifications then you need to read further because after the sample speech we have information that will be of great help.

Here we go..

pastor and wife anniversary welcome

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus! How are you?

Let me take this opportunity to thank our dear loving Father who is in heaven,who has granted this chance today as we join our Pastor and the helper for their anniversary.

It is a period when our first family reflect back the journey they started together.

They can count the blessings the Lord has given them and how much more will be granted them as they share this long lasting union that was instituted by the Lord himself.

Thank you to each and every one of you who found time to come and celebrate with us today.

As we enjoy many more during the day. We want to praise the Lord together.

Feel welcome and be blessed.

We hope the above speech has helped you and now you are ready for the day when your pastor and the wife are celebrating their anniversary.

You might also be interested to want to write one using their name and the details you have concerning them.

You need to just follow the above sample and you will be ready but if you want a step by step process then we wrote a manual that will help you.

This guidance eBook was written having you in mind.

It has got all that you need.

Once you get the eBook you will be able to arrange the words well as well as rehearse the speech.

We have wonderful tips that can help you.

If you want it then follow this link, how to write and deliver a church speech.

We are praying for so that our heavenly Father can guide you all through as you prepare for the occasion.

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