pastor appreciation day poems

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pastor appreciation day poems

May the goodness of our Lord be upon now and forever more in Jesus name.

This is the day the Lord has given us,
To congregate here for a purpose,
We have been praying for this day,
And we are happy that the Lord has granted us,

As we share the love of God together,
We want to praise Him for the mercies,
His grace is sufficient to us,
We shall rejoice always from our hearts,

Since our pastor joined this church,
we have seen the hand of God,
Through him we have been blessed,
We give God glory always,

As we celebrate this day,
That the church remembers our pastor,
We welcome you all to walk with us
As we mark this important day in our calendar,
Feel welcome and God bless you

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pastor appreciation day poems

This is the day the Lord has given us,
We want to praise and glorify Him,
He is everlasting and loves us with unwavering love,
Love that endures forever,

Love that runs through generation forever,
We want to thank Him for always being there for us,
He protects us and give way always for us,
We rejoice in Him forever,

Today is a special day in our church,
When we are rejoicing in Him,
For allowing us to be called the adopted sons and daughters,
through the name of the Lord Jesus,

It is the love the Lord that has enabled us to celebrate this day,
In our church, the day when we remember our pastor,
The priest who represent the children of God before Him,
He carries a solemn responsibility in our church,

He always counsels us and gives hope in Christ Jesus,
To stay focused and lift up the name of the Lord Jesus always,
It is a great opportunity to have our pastor with us,
We give God glory and honor,

pastor appreciation day poems

 Here are the biblical poems that we have picked from the bible that you can dedicate to your pastor and bless his or her day.

You can send the poem through the email, insert it in your card that you want to send it to your pastor.

We need to remember that what we do to each other matters a lot. We share the love of Christ and it is the command that Jesus let us to do when He went to heaven. We need to practice it all the time.

pastor appreciation day poems

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