pastor appreciation day quotes

"Thank you for speaking during our child's dedication, your message was uplifting and encouraging. We were reminded through the word you gave how we need to be good parents and raise the child in the Lord. May God bless you always for the good work you are doing.

"Thank you pastor for the message on training up a child on the way should go, have always struggled to understand how to raise my child but was happy during the child dedication to know that I need to give God the opportunity to help and guide me how to raise up the child. Thank you for sharing with us and God bless you always.

pastor appreciation day quotes

Today is a special day in our church, as one of the members, I want to take this precious moment to wish you a happy day and want to pray to our God to keep you in perfect peace and to always fill you with wisdom and knowledge to be able to guide and help us grow spiritually as a church, thank you for accepting this noble work and may our good Lord be with you always. Have a fantastic day as you keep trusting the Lord to lead you always in the work you are doing in His vineyard.

pastor appreciation day quotes

It is a great honor to join the rest of the good will members in taking this time to appreciate the work you are doing in our church, thank you for guiding us spiritually, thank you for the good counsels you always give us, thank you for the good advice you always share with us, thank you for the word that you always preach to us, thank you for taking your time to listen to us, thank you for the prayers you do offer to the Lord on our behalf, personally I appreciate and pray that God gives you long life to keep doing the good work that you are doing in our church. Be blessed my Pastor

pastor appreciation day quotes

  • Thank you for visiting me in my house,my family was very much delighted to see you coming to pray with us, the verse you read to us was really encouraging and made us to renew the love as a family. We welcome you always and God bless you so much pastor.
  • Stay blessed always through the love of God as you feed the sheep that the Lord has bestowed upon your care.

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