pastor appreciation day welcome

Here is the pastor appreciation day welcome that you are looking for to help you get ready for the occasion in church.

pastor appreciation day welcome

My fellow church members,

I greet you in Jesus name! Good morning

We want to thank God for the opportunity given to us to share this occasion in our church

As we start this day, I want to thank you for finding time to be here during this pastor appreciation.

We have lined up many activities this day and may God guide us till the end,

Feel welcome and may God be with us.

pastor appreciation day welcome

Ladies and gentlemen. Let us thank the Lord for today,

The Lord who has enabled us to congregate here today as we celebrate the pastor appreciation day in our church.

Let me thank each and every one of you for finding time to come and worship with us.The Lord has been good to us and as you can see from our face, all of us we are smiling because of the faithfulness of the Lord.

He has taken care of us and brought us from far and wide to come and share this special love that is from Him. Let us give Him honor and glory forever.

This appreciation day is very important in our church calendar because it is the time that we take our best to appreciate the anointed man of God. The man God send to us to help us grow spiritually, he always encourages us and guide is into the Lord.

What a privilege to appreciate him for the wonderful work he is doing in our midst.

Let me welcome you as you join our hands so that we can do something to our pastor. We have many activities lined up during this day and above all don't forget to pray for the will of God to be done.

Welcome and God bless you

pastor appreciation day welcome

Our church Pastor and the church at large.

I greet you in Jesus name!

What a joy this morning in our church. That we are celebrating a big day in our midst. We are lifting our voices in one accord as we praise God for the wonderful love given to us.

It’s a special occasion in our church.

My fellow church members let us show love to our pastor who has led this church this far. We can all remember that since he joined our church we have seen so much taking place in terms of spiritual growth.

As we applaud him for the wonderful work. Let us not forget that were it not for God we would not be where we are today.

May the good Lord continue leading as and use our pastor to guide us and show us what is the will of God.

It is a privilege to have him our church and may we continue praying for him and the family that God to show them and reveal them much that they come and share with the rest of us.

Thank you church for allowing me to make this short remarks as we celebrate the pastor appreciation day in our church.

Be blessed.

pastor appreciation day welcome

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