pastor appreciation words of thanks

Looking for pastor appreciation words of thanks? Below here are the appreciation words that you can share with them.

As the pastor appreciation month approaches, all gears are set for the day. According to the church calendar the pastor appreciation day is celebrated the second Sunday of the month unless otherwise.

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pastor appreciation words of thanks

Pastor you always inspire us

Thank you pastor for the kind and loving heart that you have shown to us.

Thank you pastor for caring and loving us always.

We really appreciate the kind of work you are doing.

Pastor, you always encourages me.

That sermon has really touched. Thank you for the inspiration.

Pastor,you have really a deep voice. That you very much.

Its a great privilege to have you as our pastor. we love you very much.

Thank you very much for the encouraging verse that you shared with us.

Pastor I really appreciate your kind heart and the advice you always give me


You are always in my heart and I'm praying for you pastor to live long to inspire many and change lives. Be blessed.


Trust in the Lord always as the bible tell us to do


Thank you for the inspiration and for allowing the Lord to use you to bring souls to the vineyard of the Lord.


Your prayers pastor have kept me going thank you very much


pastor appreciation words of thanks and poems

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Poems to say thanks

We are rejoicing

This is the day the Lord has made

We are rejoicing in the Lord

Because of His wonderful love

We praise Him and glorify His

Name always.


We are witnessing His love

Being manifested in us

Through His love that He showed to us

Through Jesus Christ

What manner of the Lord has for us


Let us take this opportunity

To remember our pastor and mom

Who are our spiritual fathers here

On earth

We thank God always


They have been a great blessing to us

And we want to rejoice in the Lord

Because of the great things that

God has done to us through them


We have seen this Church grow big

We thank God for the vision that this

Family have for our church

Their true guidance is recognized always

Their patience is always felt

And we thank God for His love

Mom and Dad be blessed always.


Dear Mom

We want to recognize you today

Because of the great work that you are doing

We thank you for the great support that you give

To pastor


You always go a milestone to do many things

Some of which we don’t see

You are our first preacher who preaches to us

You always encourage pastor

Before he stands in the pulpit


Before he comes to preach the wonderful message

You are the first one who listens to it

You always make sure that it is good

And when it is put before us

We all glorify God for that

Mom may you live long to see

Many things and the selfless service that you do

Be blessed as a family and may the grace of God

Be upon you always

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kind words for pastor appreciation

May the goodness of the Lord follow you for the rest of your life.

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