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poem welcome pastor and family

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We thank God for this opportunity given to us to serve Him,
Our Lord is a wonderful God who is so loving,
He protect and always shows His love to many

Today in our church we are very happy,
The mercies of the Lord is upon as and His goodness is always with us,
What a joy in our hearts always,
We give glory and honor to Him

Our pastor and the family have been of great service to us
God has used them to bless us always
We are grateful to our Lord for He is good
We want to pray to our God to be with with them always and bless them abundantly.

We are happy for the wonders of the Lord

This morning when the sun was rising,
a lot went through my mind,
How wonderful is our creator,
who can know His wonders,

You just go to sleep then you wake up alive,
Someone else does the same but you don't see her the bnext day,
it is not wonders of the Lord,
Who can fathom the works of the Lord,

we all use the same door when we enter the church,
but back at home we belong to different family,
we do things differently,
But we fit all in the unity of purpose,

God designed this world in a marvelous way,
He made sure everything is in place,
We have equal time and have the same chance of doing things,
But the outcome and the results are all different,

As a family of God,we want to thank God for always being with us,
He always provides and creates ways where non existed,
He goes a head and protect what is His,
what a joy to the Lord as we worship today here in the church.

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