religious Christmas event welcome remarks

Looking for religious Christmas event welcome remarks? Look at the samples we have given in this page.

As the day approaches, you might be asking yourself, where can I get a sample of welcome to help you because this is your first time and have never given a welcome address or remark in church.

Maybe now this is your chance during this Christmas to speak and need guidance on how to go about it.

Below here you will find a general sample, meaning the words here are meant to give you a taste of what you expect to speak or deliver during the event or occasion.

We also understand that churches always have themes that guide the day. If you already have a theme in mind and want it to be included in the speech then you can send it to us together with more information so that we can help to write one.

Otherwise,have a look at this general sample...

religious Christmas event welcome remarks

Happy Christmas day brethren

Feel welcome to our service today, we want to thank our God who is in heaven for allowing us to be here as we share this wonderful love that He has given us through Jesus Christ, we have exciting programs to all of us and want to ask you to keep praying for our speakers so that our God can use them mightily during this occasion.

I greet you in  the name of our Lord Jesus,

Let me take this precious moment to thank our heavenly Father for allowing us to congregate this evening the eve of the Christmas that will take place as from tomorrow.

As we join other Christians from around the world that are opening this traditional event when we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We want to thank each and every one of us for finding time to come here as we share this glorious day in the church calendar.

As we start the service of the day, may the will of God be manifested and let us keep on praying for one another so that we can all have a constant reminder that we need to remain in Christ.

Feel welcome and thank you for listening to me and let the program start now in Jesus name.

religious Christmas event welcome remarks

I hope the above sample has helped or assisted you.

If you already have a theme that you want to celebrate with or that can guide the activities of the day and want to be included in the speech then use the form below here to send us more details.

we are always ready to assist you to make sure you have success in what you are planning for.

We thank you once again for visiting our page and welcome again.

God bless you and stay blessed.

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