Responsive reading for pastor anniversary

Looking for responsive reading for pastor anniversary during the occasion in the church.

Below we have sampled some responsive which we have derived from the bible to help you during the event.

should be included at the back of your anniversary bulletin.We have tried to make it simple or simplify it so that it can serve the intended purpose that your church wanted.

responsive reading for pastor anniversary

Responsive reading

Leader: our pastor has been called to guide us,show us the way and lead us unto Christ at all times.

People: let us honor the calling of our pastor and appreciate him as God appointed servant who will guide us always.

Leader: our pastor is committed to teaching us the principles of the kingdom of heaven and we shall always hearken to the call that the Lord has bestowed upon him

People: We will always respect the calling of our pastor and through the Holy Spirit shall we try very much to hear the word of God as God speaks to us through our lovely pastor.

People: our pastor with loving compassion that is flowing from Christ through him shall mold us and develop us to be disciples of Christ who is our personal savior.

People: We shall give him humble time so that the word of God that will lead us unto being effective disciples shall always show us what is needed. And we shall also support him to hold firmly on the word of God.

Leader: Our pastor shepherds us with holy convictions based on the foundation of his calling, commitment, compassion, and dedication to see us reflect the love of Christ in daily life. As we wait for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

People: We will affirm the convictions of our pastor and will stand with him, for him, and by him in prevailing prayer, Great Commission obedience, and the Quest for Trust in the spiritual energy and gifts of overwhelming love. For ever and ever more.

We hope the responsive given above have served you well and have been of great help.

We want to wish you God blessings as you celebrate the pastor anniversary in the church and we pray for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you so that the day can end well.

Otherwise thank you very much for visiting our page and God bless you.

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