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Generally you feel happy when you create a difference.

There is nothing good that gives life a meaning like when you have a feeling that you are creating a difference in the world.

Actually, I spend most of my time giving our this information you are reading here and the speeches that is helping you meet your need.

Doing that gives me a reason to smile knowing that the search engine shall deliver it to you and also shall be happy like me.

We coexist to help each other.

It is my passion and love doing it all the time.

Back in My country Kenya where I'm writing from is still developing and many things you call basic needs in developed countries is unheard of and you will be shocked to find that many people here lack them.

Recently,while having a walk in some parts here in Kenya I met some kids who who looked dirty and you know it is easy to sport them everywhere.

They asked me for a help and as a Christian and to make it even more meaning a pastor.

I felt touched with their predicament.

When I asked them what they are doing in the streets they told me a sad story about their lives.

Many of them where orphans and didn't have a place or anyone to run to.

I said why can't do something.

I picked the kids and found a widow who is also living a lone in the area and requested if they can start to live with her.

She accepted and so far the number is growing.....

My Vision is to build a better place for them that they can enjoy and meet most of the basic needs that they need.

Currently they stay here

If the information in this site is helping you and want to partner with me in making and changing the lives of those children.

I welcome you we make the reality below here for them.

Where we want the Children to stay

This call is only for those who are interested in helping.

I know you don't know me and I don't know you. We have just met because the search engine directed you here.

We can only do this purely on trust.

I hope the project kicks off soon,currently I'm supporting them through food and when you buy my welcome speech part of the proceed goes to keeping those kids.

Below here you can make your donation of any amount and it shall be reflected in that page you will be directed to.

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