Thank you pastor for your prayers

Below here is a thank you pastor for your prayers letter that you can use to thank your pastor for the prayers offered.

Many times we forget the kind act done to us.

Having your pastor coming to pray for you,shows how much your pastor is dedicated to make sure we remain connected to our loving Father,God.

We created this page to give you a picture of what you expect and how you can word your letter that you want to send to your pastor.

Maybe your pastor came to see you when you were sick and brought prayers of comfort and healing,

You might have organized a function and your pastor attended whereby he prayed with you and your family.

There are several occasions that can make your pastor come to pray with you.

We also have the normal pastoral visitation that is made by pastors,you can also send a letter to thank your pastor for coming to your home.

We shall be giving sections that touches each of the occasions across this page but have a look at the sample thank you pastor for your prayers letter below here.

thank you pastor for your prayers Letter

Dear pastor_______________

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus,

Thank you for the recent visit you made to our home,every one of us was overwhelmed with joy to see you in our house, where we prayed and shared together the word of God.

The payers you made went down to comfort us an reconnect us with God.We appreciate for your kind gesture and may you keep up the good work you are doing.

My God add you more years to serve Him in His vineyard through the name of our Lord Jesus.

Much blessings


__________(insert your name here)

We hope the above letter has served the purpose and you have been helped.

If you have a different occasion and we have not covered it above, you really need help about it.

We can help you if you contact us now.

Below we have given a contact form that you can fill the details and the occasion in which you need a thank you letter, then we shall write one for you.

Here is the contact form that you can use to get in touch with us.

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We have more help in our page and below are the links that you can follow to find information that can serve your church today.

Otherwise we want to use all the best and we are praying for you as you appreciate your pastor and may you keep up the spirit always.

Thank you and we are always praying for you. Visit our site now and again so that together we can make the world a better place.

Stay blessed.

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