vote of thanks after church service

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vote of thanks after church service sample

In the name of our Lord Jesus, I greet you.

What a joy in our hearts for the heartwarming service that we have had today.

If it was possible we would have continued without ending it but anything that has a beginning has got an end.

Thank you all who have participated in making sure the program of today is a success.

Let us thank our heavenly Father for allowing us to be alive and also the Holy spirit for ministering to us. 

We also thank our pastor for guiding us through the service and above all those who found time to come and worship today.

Be blessed all as we disperse from here and may the love of God go with you until we meet again.

Thank you.

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You might be asking yourself now. How do I write a vote of thanks like the one given above here.

May people around the world had search questions and we decided to create a manual that can guide. It is a self study guidance that will take you step by step from the beginning to the end.

What are you supposed to do.

You need to follow this link ,how to write and deliver a church speech to download the manual to your computer or any other devices.

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