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Welcome speech for men's day program in church

Greetings in Jesus name!

Brethren in Christ, I feel humbled to stand before you during this hour that the Lord has given us to be here today, I feel privileged to welcome you to our program for the men in our church.

Let me thank our Lord for the wonderful gift of life and time that has bestowed upon us. As we share today for the many activities that we have lined up during this day.May the love of God be with us.

Feel at Jesus feet and may we learn something out of this day that comes once in a year.

Thank you and God bless you.

speech on men's fellowship day

I greet you all through the name of our Lord Jesus!

I feel humbled to stand before you today as I welcome you to this very important occasion in our church calendar.

Today is men's fellowship day and we are very happy to have special guests in our church today.

If you look around,can see men in black and it is a sign that all men of this church are special guest and we are happy to announce that from today we are rededicating our lives again to the service of the Lord.

We are asking the church to keep on praying for us and generally our many so that they don't pull back as the norm is.

I know we all that it is the culture of men not to dedicate themselves to the work of the Lord like our women everywhere.

Therefore we are thanking the Lord today for this wonderful opportunity given here.

Feel welcome and Jesus loves us all.


Opening remarks for men's conference 

Brethren in Christ I greet you I Jesus name 'Yom Shallom.

Hope you had good time with the Lord, I'm humbled through His mercies to stand before you to make this opening remarks as we congregate here today to share the love of God which was revealed at Calvary 

I want to thank God for the gift of life and making it possible for me to see this day, I know each and every one of us is happy too for this conferemce.

We have great and seasoned speakers who are going to speak to us today. I know many of you are eager to hear them and don't want to waste there precious moments.

Without wasting time let me invite our chairman to make his opening remarks


Welcome remarks for men's conference 

Brethren in Christ I greet you in Jesus name. I'm humbled to stand before you on behalf of chairman to welcome our brother Graham who has travelled all the way from South Africa to come and speak in our conference.

Graham is a servant of God, a great speaker and he fits the occasion to speak to us. Have personally listened to him and want to tell you,you will not want to miss his punch lines.

This is a unique conference because able men are gathering tougher to discuss and share issues that affect their lives. I'm happy to see many of you leaving behind busy schedule to come to this conference At the end of it we shall give God honor and glory.

As the organizers of this conference we are grateful to God for according us the opportunity to have it. I want wel come you officially and inform each one of that God is at work and we are going to see His hand. Feel welcome in the presence of God

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welcome speech for men's day program

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Let the Holy Spirit be with you and as the programs of the church has been planned let the will of God be done.

We are praying for you and the mercies of God is upon

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Welcome speech for men's fellowship in church

Greetings in Jesus name.

What a joy to see another day that the Lord has given us to congregate here as we fellowship together and learn of Jesus . 

I want to thank each and every one of you for finding time to come to the house of God as we share and thank together our God who is heaven for what He has done to our lives to make us be alive to this day. We know that many people aspired and wished to see this day but wouldn't make it but me and you through the mercies of God We are  happy to meet here despite our shortcomings.

Let us all remember that we live by the grace of God and the mercies that God renews each morning for us to see another day.

As we start this fellowship may the love of God be with us now and until we finish.

Thank you and God bless you

examples men's day welcome speech

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