welcome to church quotes

Here are the welcome to church quotes that you can use to share with other church members during an event or occasion in church

Below you can find sample quotes that you can share during an event or occasion in church

We are so much humbled by the grace of God to have you as one of our guests in our church today, your presence is highly appreciated and we thank God for giving us the opportunity to fellowship together, we pray that you make this church your regular church so that we can keep sharing and praising our Lord Jesus together always.

welcome to church quotes

We are very glad today to have you in among our esteemed visitors, as a congregation we highly value visitors who come to fellowship with us, we are a church whom Jesus has redeemed and we are ready for His glorious appearance, it is only through His grace that we are able to me and share the word that is true to our souls, we really appreciate your presence and shall keep praying for you so that our Lord can keep you in perfect peace always in all that you do, thank you and feel welcome


I want to extend this special heartfelt appreciation to you and also thank you through Jesus name for finding time to come and fellowship with us, the angels of the Lord are moving up and down bringing down the heavenly blessings whenever we meet together as brethren in Christ who share a common thing that is, we are all saved by the blood of Jesus and not of our own but through the Love of God who created, no one can boast about because it is a free gift from God, welcome to our church always and let the love of God bind us forever

We grateful to our Lord Jesus for granting this opportunity to fellowship together as brethren, He has promised that where two or three are gathered in the name of our Lord Jesus there also He is in the midst, we thank God for the love He has for us and for bringing us together to continue sharing His love, we know that our Lord is good and we shall praise Him forever and ever, as Paul says in the book of Philippians, we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, stay blessed

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