welcome to my church poems

welcome to my church poems to share in a church event.

Best welcome to my church poems that you can love are below here. We have carefully chosen the one that you would love to have.

One of the poem that I love most is found in the book of psalms. It is written in such that it touches the heart.

Your church members will read it and read again because the words are touching to the soul.

It is based on psalms 123 and talks about where we shall get our help from. Many of us think that pastor are not overwhelmed. They are human beings just like us and they go through ups and down of life.

That is why we need to appreciate them of what they are doing all the time.

Another poem that your pastor would love is found here..it is one of my best from the same book of psalms.

More of poems for pastors appreciation

welcome to my church poems

We take the earliest chance to welcome you,
To the lovely house of God,
Which is called by His name,
It is the great honor to have you today,

Our services are aligned to the faith of Jesus,
Every thing is centered around the work of Jesus,
who gave His life to redeem us from the great death,
That awaited us in the end of the world,

That great destruction that is looking to those who don't accept,
Jesus Christ as their personal saviour,
Which God gave freely to all those who believe,
Those whose names are written in the book of life,

We welcome you all as we share the love of Jesus,
which has bound us together to be the church that is waiting for Jesus,
To come the second time which is very soon,
We shall receive him in the sky as we go with him to heaven then the new world that is prepared for us and live there for ever,

A place where there is no sorrows,
Where there will be no cry nor sadness,
Where there will be no death nor sweat,
Where we shall rejoice together and live with our Lord Jesus,

 my church poems

Here is your lovely poem to him.

Unto thee lift I up mine eyes,

O thou that dwellest in the heavens.

Behold, as the eyes of servants look

unto the hand of their masters,

and as the eyes of a maiden

unto the hand of her mistress;

so our eyes wait upon

the Lord our God,

until that he have mercy upon us.

Have mercy upon us,

O Lord, have mercy upon us:

for we are exceedingly filled with contempt.

Our soul is exceedingly filled

with the scorning of those

that are at ease, and with

the contempt of the proud.

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