Why Church pastor guide?

Why Church pastor guide? Here are the reasons why we exist and our journey towards making sure you get what you are looking for and the way forward.

A word from the founder and Chief Editor.....

 I'm  Hesbon Nyambane  from Kenya,East Africa , your friend and fellow Christian.

I was born and raised by a single mother in remote village here in Kenya.

During my heyday we never used to have internet like now days....

Even the computers were rare and privileged to the few who would afford it.

The first time to come in contact with a computer was after my secondary education. At the time I made a lot of imagination about the "box" that was lying on the table which individuals were pressing some keys.

I never imagined that the same thing I wondered about will help me create an impact to so many lives today from all over the world.

I thank God for the favor and grace for this medium.

You will never miss whatever you are looking for.

I love speaking before a congregation.

I love giving sermons, vote of thanks, anniversary speeches and many more.

Many Church members in my local congregation when requested to speak they just remember me and say.


Pastor is good in speaking. Just let him speak. And because I love speaking I just take the task and want to tell you. I'm really good in it and still being good.

This is my straightforward answer to them and for you  that speaking before a congregation or people is not a call but just believing in yourself and having confidence.

Exactly the same way you talk to a friend.

One day I decided to google and find out if there is any resource that can help these church members to gain confidence by imparting them with the relevant knowledge and information.

At the time, I found non.

That is how I decided maybe that is the reason why many people have fear and think that they can't speak before a large congregation and yet can comfortably speak to a friend.

I said to myself...

This is an opportunity to help many and not my local church members only.

Let me create a guide that can take them step by step.

That is how Church pastor guide was born and it is growing strong.

We have become a friend to many Christian church members from over 200 countries and still growing.

We get so many requests to help many on how to write and deliver a church speech and we have seen a need.

I thank God for the wonderful opportunity to serve you and others.

We want to grow and become the leading trainer in Church occasion speech writing and delivering.

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