women's day themes for church

Looking for women's day themes for church? Find wonderful themes that we have prepared for the occasion that you can use.

As the women's day in church is fast approaching, you are looking for a theme to help you prepare for the occasion.

As your partner we are working closely with you to make sure have a successful and fruitful day.

The themes in our page are carefully selected and be sure you will have the best.

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women's day themes for church

We hope the above themes you have downloaded will help you prepare for the occasion in church.

We want to give you a glimpse of what you expect to have when it comes to selecting the best themes for an occasion in any church event.

We all know how difficult it is for one to come up with a good theme, we are here to make it easier for you.

We have made it possible for you to get the themes and are very lucky that you have a variety to choose from.

Our God is good and His love endures forever, we are grateful for the occasion that we are having today as we celebrate what role women are playing in advancing the kingdom message.

We have prepared themes that can make the women's day in church great and memorable ones.

The themes reminds all those who attend to put their trust in the lord and also be involved in the mission of Christ of saving souls.

That is why when you get the themes you are sure that have a variety to choose from and can be able to select the best from among the one we have given above.

Women have always ministered to Christ and if they get dedicated can do a lot to the ministry of christ as shown in the bible.

women's day themes for church

Theme: What are you doing?

Key verse: 1 king 19:10-11

As you celebrate the women's day in church, the theme we have chosen for you will go a long with reminding all those who are going to attend the day in church that God is a God of purpose and want us to understand that He knows the reason for our existence including women and the rest.

Just like Elijah the prophet whom God called to serve at a time when there was a gap of standing for the truth and bring people back, all women in church need to be reminded of their role to bring back their husband when they deviate from the truth.

Just as God asked Elijah what he was doing in the Holy mountain instead of serving, women need to always be in the presence of God through prayer and confessing the word of God.

Let women in the church not be like Jezebel of played a very bad role in dissuading the husband from the truth and taking him away to worshiping the foreign gods.

Am sure the above theme will help all those who will attend to accept Jesus to be their personal savior and allow the power of the Holy spirit to work on their lives.

Let the love of God be  with you always. We pray that during this occasion, the love of God will flow freely to each and every persons.

Let this moment reminds the women on the church trust in the lord in every situation. We are here to walk with you in this journey of love. Let people smile.



As you plan for the women's day in church, we have prepared great and wonderful themes that you can download from our pages here.

The themes we have given in our pages, will make members remember this day for the better part of the year.

We are making it possible for your church to celebrate the women's day with a higher note and with great nostalgia.

Women love togetherness and if you can have a great theme that can bring them together then you have made their day perfect.

That is why we have prayerfully selected themes that are memorable and shared them with you to choose from.

As a church it is good to celebrate the women in the church, including our mothers and let us not forget we also have worldwide celebration of our mothers, what we call mother's day in the church.

We have themes for that and we urge to have a look at them.

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