youth pastor appreciation poems

Looking for youth pastor appreciation poems for the church occasion?

 Here are the poems  that you can share with your youth pastor in the church to show appreciation during this week of appreciation.

The poems are meant to spice up the speeches in the church. As you welcome visitors to the church.

The speeches will be at hand to help.


We know it is not easy to work in the vineyard of the Lord

When more so you are a youth,

We want to pray for the grace of the Lord to be upon

May the will of God be manifested in your life

May He lead and guide you always.


We love the way you share the word of God

Indeed the calling is on you

The anointing of the Lord is upon you

May He saw you the will always

As you endeavor to work for the Lord for the rest of your life

You are a role model to many of our youths in the church.

youth pastor appreciation poems


When I remember the life of Jesus while on earth,

I feel inspired that there is life always

Jesus lived an exemplary life that will remain to be known forever

Jesus knew exactly the will of the Lord

He knew what to do when and how

Jesus you are a great example,


We would see him waking up very early in the morning

While you and me are sleeping

Jesus was not rushing to work as many of us would do nowadays

Jesus was not opening Facebook or twitter as many of are doing

Jesus was not in Whattasp to check friends,

But Jesus woke up very early to go and pray.

Jesus you are a great example ,


During the day as you and me are busy worrying what to do next

Jesus our example was not worried,

He knew what to do,

He knew the father was in charge of his life,

He Jesus excused himself from busy schedule and prayed

How many time do we worry instead of praying

Jesus you are a great example


Jesus was in touch with the heavenly reams where help was,

He knows that the father cares and he casted his cares unto him

God is more than ready to hears us and answer our requests

What are you waiting for?

Jesus you are a great example


We can easily overcome the temptations of this world,

By learning from Jesus,

Committing ourselves unto God all the time

For God loves us

Lean not into your own understanding but always acknowledge in your ways

And shall guide your paths

Jesus you are a great example 

youth pastor appreciation poems

We wish you much blessings from the Lord during the day.

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