10 year pastor anniversary
poems to say thank you

Celebrating the 10 year pastor anniversary -Here are the poems that you can use in your church to pay tribute to the service your pastor has rendered.

Very happy today for our pastor

Dear pastor

We are very happy today

For the free gift that he has given

We praise him and glorify his name always

As psalms forty six verses ten says

We stand still today

And we are knowing

What God has done and will always do in our lives

We praise him and thank him very much


It is like yesterday

But nobody can imagine that

Ten years has gone since

Pastor joined us in this church

He has been a great asset to each

And every member who is here today

Or the one who has ever attended our services



Pastor,may God add you many years

To see the kind of work he is doing through you


We praise and glorify the Lord for you



You always encourages us

You always advice us

You always share with us

You always counsels

You always uplift us

Thank you very much for the

Work you are doing



We pray for the Lord to always

Reveal to you his will in your life

Thank you and be blessed always.

10 year pastor anniversary

church pastor's 10th anniversary poems that you can share with your local pastor as you celebrate the anniversary

No one is like you pastor

Jeremiah saw through the holy spirit

Of who we are before we were born

The Lord says in the book of Jeremiah

One verses five that

The Lord set us aside

And put in us a purpose we shall

Accomplish in this world even before

Were  conceived


What a joy in the Lord always

We glorify him

That those who call upon him

Shall be shown great and unsearcheable

Things that they don’t know

Pastor you have hearkened to the Lord

And he is using you in a might way

We thank you for having you in our church


You are using the purpose that God gave you

To help many in this generation

We pray that may you live long

To help many and many

That are born and yet to be

Born in this world

Thank you and god bless you

Thank you pastor.

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