acceptance letter for church position

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Greetings in Jesus name!

Let me take this moment to thank my heavenly Father for according me this opportunity to write this letter to thank the church for according me a responsibility of service to the church.

I count it a great honor to serve the church in this position. It is a privilege accorded to me in a time like this when I didn't expect that it will happen and since it has happened I want to ask my Lord to guide and help me discharge my duties with diligence, I want to ask the church member to keep me in your prayers.

acceptance letter for church position

Greetings in Jesus name!

It is my prayer that this letter finds well as the leadership of the church.

Let me take this chance to thank you in advance to accord me a chance to serve the church and want to thank God for the grace given me for the last three years that have administered my duties but for the last few months my health has been deteriorating and have reached a place I feel cant serve more and will only be doing injustice to the vineyard of the Lord.

It is my prayer that I get relieved from my daily duties of service till my health return to normal.

acceptance letter for church position

acceptance letter for church position

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acceptance letter pastoral work

It is with great honor to take this moment to write this letter of acceptance to the church board, for seeing it well to accord me this opportunity to work as a pastor in the church.

It has been my prayer to be accorded this chance and want to thank God for giving it to me.

As I await for the next course of action to be directed on how I will start working, want to thank God for everything. Download the letter

acceptance letter as a church deaconess

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