letter of recommendation from church

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church recommendation letter for student admission

Here is an example of recommendation letter from pastor and how you can download it,a samples of recommendation letter to a school from a church pastor.


We are pleased to recommend __________ who is a member in our church since he was baptized in the year_______

___________ for the last ______years he has been an active member in the bible study group

church recommendation letter for student

letter of recommendation from church

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church scholarship recommendation letter 


On behalf of the Church on the mountain,am writing to inform you that Bro. Nick Sir is our church member of regular standing. He is a bible teacher as well assistant technician

We hereby recommend him for a National Scholarship offered by your company.

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letter of recommendation from church

affiliation letter for church recommendation


On behalf of Calvary Church,am writing this letter to confirm that Love ministries is our affiliate congregation for the last 5 years and together we have a total membership of 20000.

Love ministry is dedicated to serving people through preaching and teaching f the messages f Christ.

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letter of recommendation from church

church recommendation letter for marriage

Dear (Recipient)

Greetings in Jesus!

On behalf of Heaven ward Church,am writing to you to confirm that bro. Jack is our church member of regular standing. He has been in the church register for the last 6 years. He was married in the Holy Matrimony on 20th June 2013 to Sister Janet.

We wish to recommend him for help with his marriage.

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church letter of recommendation


Greetings in Jesus name

On behalf of the church pastor and administration, I highly recommend Sis. Joyce to you.

The time she has been a member of this church, Joyce has been the chorister and she did her job with...>>>>>>>Read more(May require you access)

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church recommendation letter for employment

Dear sir or Madam


It is with my great pleasure as the senior Pastor of Going Forward Church to recommend Mr John for the job applied for.

He is is a diligent bible student who is always leading from the front. In our church currently he is in charge of devotions..>>>>>>>Read more(May require you access)

reference letter from church

Here is the reference letter from church

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church recommendation letter for a job



We are pleased as a church to recommend ___________ towards a job he applied recently in your company.

__________ is our church member of regular standing and he has been participating in the activities of the church since he became a member. He is a devotee in everything he puts his hands to do

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