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Holding an anniversary church soon and looking for ways to improve and make it better, welcome to our page

The best time to remember and take a stock of the goodness of the Lord to your church is during the church anniversary.

This is the time you will discover that God has done so much through you and will have a reason to celebrate for His love for the church.

We as you partner, we are here to share with you some tips, ways and improvements that can help you to better your celebrations in church in order to set a memorable moments among the church members.

As the church anniversary is nearing, you need to put in place a lot of preparations that goes towards making sure that you have a success of the anniversary church that is perfect and holding water that people can appreciate and praise the Lord.

We are going to share with you what you can do but remember that it's you who understand the situation in the ground and also knows better the needs of the church members and what is supposed to be done.

Let us have some improvements below, it is only suggestions..

anniversary church

Make a priority of the event.

Many churches are caught up with time because they don't plan a head for occasions in church.

When you are planning for events in church at the start of the year, make sure you prioritize anniversary church so that every body can be involved towards it, to make this event a big deal, the whole church need to be involved.

Just try and you will discover how the church anniversary will be a memorable one.


Once you have the goal and prioritized the event, then it is time now to be clear of the expectations of the event and what is supposed to be done.

Let the church members know that there will be a church anniversary at a particular time so that they can set aside the resources that is required for the event.

That day is special and all must know about it, through that the focus will remains towards it and many will be involved for the same.


Once you have planned and communicated the intention to the church members and all the preparations are in the high gear, let all those who have ever passed through the church be informed.

Their contributions is really needed and will help when it comes to planning. 

anniversary church

Let the love of God guide you as you plan for the event in the church

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