children's christmas speeches for church

Here is the children's christmas speeches for church that you can get from our pages below here to help towards the occasion in church, the speeches are ready and you can instantly get them

Speech 1:

Title: The True Meaning of Christmas

Good evening everyone, dear brothers, sisters, and little friends. I stand before you with great excitement, joy, and the spirit of love. You can feel it in the air, the beautiful change that comes with Christmas, because it is not just an ordinary day, but the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas is not just about receiving gifts, but about giving thanks. It’s a time filled with love and joy, and a time to share with others. Let’s remember the Bethlehem star guiding the wise men to baby Jesus. Like the wise men, let's follow the star. Not the literal shining star, but the star that represents Jesus’ love. Spread that love among those around you. Remember that Christmas is not about the expensive gifts under the tree, but about the gift of love we give to each other.

So, let us celebrate this magnificent day by sharing love, joy, and goodness with everyone around us. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Speech 2:

Title: The Story of Christmas

My dear church family, my name is [Your Name], and I will tell you a beautiful story that happened many years ago - the magical story of Christmas.

On this very special day, a little baby was born in a stable in Bethlehem. His mother was Mary and His father was Joseph. His birth was foretold by the prophets, that He would be the Messiah. Baby Jesus was born with a sacred purpose, He was born to save us.

On that holy night, angels guided shepherds to the humble stable where Jesus was born. Feeling the divinity of the child, they worshipped him with complete love and devotion. Three wise men also came with precious gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to honor Jesus.

Tonight, let us remember that Christmas is the celebration of God's love for us. Let that love fill our hearts and let us spread it all around.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Speech 3:

Title: The Spirit of Christmas

Hello, my dear Church, Merry Christmas!

Today, let me ask a question. What is Christmas? Christmas is more than just a holiday. Christmas, my dear friends, is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Savior, our friend, and our King!

It is the time to remember that God sent His only Son to earth out of love for us. Christmas is about love, peace, hope, and joy. It's about giving with all our hearts, just as God gave us his biggest gift, His son, Jesus.

Let us remember to be kind and generous, not just today, but every day. Let's share our biscuits, our toys, our joy and our love with others. That's the real spirit of Christmas.

Merry Christmas to every one of you, and may the light of Jesus Christ guide you towards love and joy.

children's christmas speeches for church

Children Christmas speech

children's christmas speeches for church

As we look forward to the celebrations ahead of us in the church, we want to involve all in preparing for the Christmas seasons.

As tradition holds the children love this period and that is why to them, it very memorable.

That is why in our pages, we have prepared speeches that they can use to share with the rest of the members how the session mean to them.

The Christmas occasion is more connected to the children more than the matured people.

children's christmas speeches for church

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