church anniversary announcement letter

Here is the church anniversary announcement letter to download and use it immediately to prepare for the upcoming church anniversary.

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church anniversary announcement letter

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church anniversary announcement letter

Here is an excerpt of the announcement letter you will download and if you need the full letter you can visit the page we give below here or above.

Look at the introductory part of the church anniversary announcement letter


Receive warm greetings of Jesus Christ!

As a church we are very much grateful for the far that the Lord has brought us and it is with great joy to announce to you that we are going to have our (#th) anniversary this coming Sunday on ___________

The organizing committee of the event saw it well to have you as one of the guests that is going to grace the occasion. In that regard, we thank the Lord for the special day and we look forward seeing what the Lord has in store for the church.

>>>>to download the full letter, click this link and you will be taken to a page where you will be able to download a full letter and use it to make others know of the event.

church anniversary announcement letter

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