church anniversary occasion speech

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church anniversary occasion speech

church anniversary occasion speech sample

Giving honor and glory to almighty God,to our church pastor, the first lady of our church, ministers and pastors present during this occasion, invited guests present and all members of our church present.

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ!

On behalf of our church pastor and the governing council of the church I want to thank each and every one of you for finding time to come and grace the occasion.

We welcome you in a special way to our church anniversary that we are holding today here. It is one of the very important events in our church.

Our Lord has been faithful to us as church and wants to thank Him in a special work for the provision of time and opportunity accorded to us so that we can all gather here to thank Him and give glory.

As it has been the tradition of this church. We want to share the success of this church as well as the pains that has been inflicted to us as members by the devil. In all we count as loss.

Yes as church we have come to learn a lot from Christ and want to share the same to our visiting guest so that together we can move in the same direction for the sake of advancing the gospel of Christ.

Today marks the beginning of another journey whereby we want to know more about the grace of God and move toward the mark and the goal that has been set by our Lord Jesus.

Our celebration of this anniversary cannot begin without reminding you that the Lord loves you and cares for each and every one of us. We have a lot to learn from to learn from Jesus and we have surety that whatever we ask shall be given.

Feel welcomed today to our thanksgiving ceremony and at the end of the day we shall say were it not for the Lord where shall we have be?

Ladies and gentlemen may the mercy of the Lord Jesus be upon and take care of you through today and may you enjoy the activities of the day that has been prepared.

And once more welcome you all and feel at Jesus feet.

Let me now welcome the church pastor to give us a word as we begin this day together in the Lord. Pastor welcome.

church anniversary occasion speech

Below is more church anniversary occasion speech samples

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church anniversary occasion speech

Greeting in Jesus name!

Receive church welcome greetings from our pastor and the first lady in our church

Let me extend a warm church welcome to our visitors present today in church

Thank you all for joining us today for this wonderful day that the Lord given to us,

We feel happy that we are able to breathe and see one another

You can briefly reflect how many people have lost their today but you and me have seen it

It is not that we are better than those who have left us but there is a reason why you and me are here

We are here for a purpose and each one of us has got a purpose

As we seek for the face of the Lord

May God be with us as worship Him through the day

Feel welcome and let us worship with joy in our hearts

As the Lord been with us

Thank you and God bless you


church anniversary occasion speech

Guest of honor speech church anniversary

Here is the guest of honor speech church anniversary sample to look at.

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus,

Let me take this opportunity God has given me through the church to thank you for welcoming me to be the guest of honor during this occasion in the church.

When Pastor requested me through the organizing committee to come and speak as the guest,many questions went through my head. since this is my first time to be here, I didn't know the kind of people I'm going to speak to, I only imagined.

When I arrived here have only discovered that it is a lively church that is God fearing. I want to urge to continue with the same spirit because you have made me to feel at home more than I thought.

Lastly, I want to with and pray to God to help you continue depending on Him for mercies as you grow from one glory to another.

God bless you and thank you for welcoming me.

baptist church anniversary occasion

black church anniversary occasion speeches

church anniversary occasion sample

church anniversary occasion sample speeches

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