church anniversary prayer

Looking for church anniversary prayer to help you during the upcoming church event  that is going to take place soon. We have prepared one for you below here.

Below is the anniversary prayer for you.

church anniversary prayer

church anniversary prayer for 20 year old church

Our Lord who is in heaven thank you for allowing us to congregate here for this special occasion in our church,today marks 20 years of service in your vineyard as a church, as we keep on depending on you continues revealing yourself to us.

Thank you for hearing us through the name of our Lord Jesus we pray and believe.

church anniversary prayer for 100 year old church

Lord of mercy,we come before you through the name of Jesus Christ you have given us,what a joy in our hearts as a church for the 100 years that we are marking today,

Many of our brethren who started this church are not physically with us today because majority have slept, but we thank you for those who are witnessing this historic moment in our church,

One day as your word tell us we shall meet together and celebrate the wonderful journey we have had on earth.

Be with us until we finish this event for we have prayed through the name of our Lord Jesus.


church anniversary prayer for a 114 year old church

The LORD of lords,KING of kings, thank you for allowing us to be here today our master, many of us didn't imagine we shall be here to witness this great occasion in our church when we are celebrating 114 years of victory of the church.

You raised us up for a purpose and we are fulfilling it with a zeal. We are very much grateful from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful love shown to us.

As we share this 114 years of love since our church was founded.We want to thank you. We put all our activities into your able hand and continue guiding us to the end.

We pray and believe in the name of our Lord Jesus


church anniversary prayer

church anniversary prayer

We appreciate for your coming to our site, as you look forward to the celebration of the event in your church we pray that may our good Lord in heaven be with your church and help you to prosper in Jesus name.

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