church anniversary welcome poems

Here are the church anniversary welcome poems to share in the church event.

Below are the poems to share with your fellow church members in the Church during the event. You can also use the poems during the speech deliveries as you mark anniversaries in the church.

Below are the church anniversary welcome poems

We live by the grace of God

What a joy to be in Christ

we praise for his love always

we thank Him for saving

us from the great death

The sin that separated us

from the Love of God

was defeated on the cross

by Jesus the son of God

There is no one else who is condemned

if he is in Jesus Christ

we walk as free people and we praise him

forever and ever

we live by the grace of God

that is sufficient to see us through


we thank and praise our loving


accept him and make Jesus your Lord

today and through that you will be saved.

church anniversary welcome poems

The below poems can be used as they are and you are free to copy and print them into something like a card or scrapbook .

In the book of proverbs 18:24 it says that a man who has many friends must himself be friendly.

If you want to have many friends it is good to start by being friendly to others and they will respond in kind.

That is why when you commit by sending Christian poems to them you will always get more people responding to you always.

Dedicate your time in sending your friends, family members,co-workers,and many more the Church poems and you will see your life enriched.

church anniversary welcome poems

The Joy of being a Christian

Am happy to be a christian,
Always following the footsteps of Jesus Christ,
Am happy about it.

To be a Christian is a search a wonderful journey,
that makes be feel good that Christ is my hero,
Love you Jesus.

The love that I share with my fellow Christian is a great,
Am happy to be a Christian,
Always moving a head with love.

What a joy of being a Christian,
Love is the center stage,
Sharing it with codes that can never be broken.

Am happy for being a follower of Jesus Christ,
He cares for us,me and the rest
What a joy of being a Christian.


We have a reason to smile

We are the body of Christ

We are waiting for the second coming of Jesus

Are you ready?


We were bought with a value

Jesus redeemed us from separation

From our loving God

Now we are at peace

Are you ready?


We would have lost forever

But God loved us while still sinners

He showed His love to us

By sending Jesus to die

For us

Are you ready?


What a joy in our hearts

That when Jesus comes the second time

Shall take to a new home

Where we shall live with Him

Forever and ever more

Are you ready?

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